Shear Revival Crystal Lake Pomade

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There's something happening right now on the market. There are these relatively new homebrewers doing crazy shit. Maybe it's because they haven't settled. Maybe it's because they're not bounded by sub-cultural stigmas. Or maybe they're just effing gifted. Either way, Zachary West of Shear Revival is one of them, and he's cooking some next level shit out of his home. 

Crystal Lake Water-Based Pomade is Shear Revival's response to O'Douds All Natural's recent market-shifting release of their Water Based Pomade. However, it has turned into something completely different. It has little in common with the other water-based pomades (that don't dry) on the market besides having water as an ingredient. It's the stuff of dreams. 

In every aspect, Shear Revival killed it with this one.

Let's talk about it.


I understand it all now. Zachary is an effing horror-movie-fanatic or rather...television-classic-fanatic. All his pomades, so far, is a reference to a television classic of his liking. It's legit, and he should def keep on doing it. Crystal Lake is an allusion to Friday the 13th, and even without the reference, the design work is very clean and cohesive. It flows -- everything. The look, the feel, and the smell...this is a good example other brewers should look into.


FUCK. Someone effing stop him. The scent is beautiful. Listen to me, I have never ever experience a scent as complex and multidimensional as this one. All much thought and contemplation, the scent feels like sweet vanilla and lemongrass. It's a tingly-herbalness that is smooth and has a sweet undertone. The scent changes throughout the day -- from a herb-dominated refreshing scent to a sweet vanilla aroma. Top notch.


You thought O'Douds Water Based was different, or maybe Anchors Teddy Boy Original was unique. This one is crazy different. It scoops out like a thick and drier version of O'Douds WB. It flexes as you push down, and once it gives way, it scoops out all clean and what not. It stays real dry, and you can roll it up into a ball -- literally.


Once you start smearing up the pomade, you can feel all the waxiness that will be crucial later on. It feels pretty dry and waxy. You can see this in the video. Application is a pleasurable experience. It feels a lot like Grandad's Lightweight Pomade in this aspect.


This pomade adds nor subtract shine. You can see this in the photos below.


Despite the consistency, this pomade does a good job of keeping everything together and creating a nice flow to it all. You'll get a few stray hairs, but nothing significant. It's real nice.


The hold is a solid medium. For such a light feeling pomade, this is fantastic. I can get a full height pompadour with this pomade. It isn't overly powerful, but it gives me plenty of hold.


The control with this pomade is top notch -- on level with The Daimon Barber No. 2. It will go where you want, and stay there for the morning. You'll see in the video, I literally styled my pomp in no time at all. The form is beautiful, and you can get some nice forward-movement with Crystal Lake.


This is the ONLY thing lacking with Crystal Lake. This pomade will last for a few hours, but after a while, it'll begin to absorb into your hair or evaporate. It doesn't matter if it's hot or cold. This pomade will begin to lose volume after a few hours, but after that transition, it becomes an optimal choice for a really nice finger-combed pomp.


It'll be difficult to restyle into a tall pomp, but easy to reform it into something aesthetic.


The pomade does not dry at all.


Washes out completely.


This pomade receives my seal of approval -- no doubt. It is amazing. This is probably the best pomade that's come out so far this year. It is a must have in anyone's arsenal. This pomade has a complex scent, amazing performance, and an even better price point. This only gets better with the promo code I made you all.