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I've always been interested in black pomades. They provide the potential for people like me with black hair to get some nice luster. Normally, the issue arises from wax-heavy oil-based pomades because they tend to dull out dark-colored hair. Using a black beeswax pomade in its place will remove this problem, but with a gel-like water-based pomade? They don't share this issue -- that is unless the pomade flakes. And if it flakes, then there's already a greater set of issues with that pomade.

It was an interesting choice by Imperial to try for this pomade.'s solving a problem that doesn't exist and with a pomade that can be hardly called a solution.


Blacktop Pomade is a variation on the current design of the other Imperial products. The only exception here is a black plastic lid to replace the silver one and a black background on the label. I guess it's befitting for this as a black water-based pomade.


I don't like the scent. I can bear the Cool Grease fruitiness, but this level is ridiculous. It smells like an exaggerated artificial watermelon-flavored bubble gum. It sweet and fruity, but there's a strange bite that is plasticky-fake.


This products feels just like the Classic Pomade and little different from Suavecito Firme and Layrite Super Hold.


Surprisingly, it applies very easily. Significantly better than the Classic Pomade.


No shine. Matte.


Not slick at all. Your hairs can start straying right away, which is what happened to me. You can see this in the pictures. This lack of slickness will make it difficult to style a solid pompadour with because things just won't catch each other and stay put. 


Weird, but the hold is also less than what I remembered with the Classic Pomade. This one measures out to be more like a medium.


It's poor -- pretty damn poor.


Due to the lack of slickness, the pompadour just falls apart. No matter how you style your hair, you'll have a few splits or weak points. This is where your pomp will start falling apart, and this lack of slickness won't help at all. 


Not possible. Barely able to even with water.


Dry as hard as you'll ever experience.


Washes no problem, at least.


The lack of slickness kills anything this pomade would've been good for. You can argue that maybe Blacktop would be useful for a loose pompadour, but styling one of those with a gel-like's like putting diesel into a Ford Focus. I would not recommend this pomade.