The Iron Society Water-Soluble Pomade

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Let's talk about one of the most hyped-up labels currently on the market -- only next to the hype of the Reuzel line. The Iron Society has received enormous amounts of praise over the past few years it has existed. Not so much for the innovation of the pomade but for the aura of this label. Their oil-based pomades are simple and fundamental. They do the basics well, but nothing is exceptional. What grabs people attention is the beauty of the jar's design and the pseudo-tough-guy attitude they offer to the user. 

Side note: Tattoos used to be for badass people. Now, people use it to be badass. 

This is the The Iron Society Water-Soluble Pomade. After releasing an original and firm hold version of their oil-based pomade, they released this one. 


In all honesty, we rarely witness a pomade that can equal The Iron Society in the design work and aesthetic they put into each of their jars. There is a great attention to detail to the label. Clean and full design with composition and all on top of unique'y smoked and burned paper. Simply put, it's beautiful.


The scent is definitely in line with the rest of the TIS pomades. It has a smoky spice that is identical to the oil-based counterparts, but the aroma does have an extra citrus aspect to it. 'Tis nice as fuhhh.


It's similar to any other traditional water-based gel-like pomade. The pomade feels like a thick jelly.


Applying the pomade to your hair is easy. Not bad at all and especially for a firm-medium pomade.


Not slick at all. This makes it difficult to work with.




Despite being labeled as a medium hold pomade, this one is actually pretty strong, and I'd definitely put it a little towards the heavy side. It's not Suavecito Firme strong. It can't get the shorts hairs down and back right away, but it might eventually. Either way, it's a solid hold.


Due to the lack of slickness, control is mediocre.


Due to the strength and the hardening up of the pomade, the endurance was very good. I did not have to touch my hair at all or restyle it in anyway. It just all stayed there. Of course, all of this was due to sacrificing malleability and softness of hair.


Not possible with this pomade, and even with water, the product will likely puff out before you can recapture and reactivate it all with water. 


100% dried up and hardened.


Washes out easily like a gel.


The Iron Society Water-Soluble Pomade is a good product but not a great one. Definitely not worth it's price range when there are other pomades (some superior to TIS) for a fraction of the price. For example, Tres Flores Molding Pomade can be found for literally 1/3 of the price and provide the same performance.

In short, if you need friends of the bro-type, then this pomade. But, if you're just looking for a good pomade, go elsewhere.