Shear Revival Elm Street Pomade

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Months ago, we looked at Shear Revival 'The One Who Knocks' Pomade, and earlier this week, we checked out their Crystal Lake Water-Based Pomade.  The first was a pretty standard oil-based pomade, but the water-based was on a completely new level. So now, we're going to look at the Elm Street Pomade.

It's marketed as a lightweight oil-based pomade and has received raving remarks by the homebrewing community. And after using it, I gotta say that I agree. Let's talk about it.


As with the other Shear Revival jars, we know that they're movie fanatics over there, and Elm Street is no exception. Running off the vibe of Nightmare on Elm Street, the jar embodies an orange rendition of Freddy's hat. The entire pomade then follows this theme in its color way and scent.


The smell is like a mix of pumpkin pie and mint. There is a sweet spicy aroma that dominates the scent, but the mint is light undertone that makes it all refreshing in a way. It's not my ideal scent. However, I can't deny it. I gotta say that I kinda like it.


Upon touch, the pomade seems pretty tough, but it gives way under very light pressure. You'll be able to scoop it out no problem. Just be careful not to scoop too much.


It's a light pomade. Of course it's easy.


The slickness of the pomade is definitely there. Shit. If you ever come across a light hold, oil-based pomade that isn't slick...then you must be in one hell of a nightmare. Elm Street Pomade will capture a majority of your hair and flow it back nicely. This is a light pomade, so you gotta accept a few strays due to the lack of wax.


It's actually a very nice balanced shine. Not too much. Just enough to suggest that you have product in your hair.


I have nnnooo idea where the strength and hold comes from. There's just enough for me to work with. I definitely didn't feel or sense the wax anytime before beginning to form the pomp. Either way, it was laying dormant somewhere and came out when I needed it. This is a pomade that those with fine and straight hair can definitely take advantage of.


The mixture of light hold and good slickness makes for some damn good control. Not as much as we've seen in exceptional mediumweight pomades, but definitely much more than the average pomade. I was able to style my hair quickly and with a lovely shape. I was very happy with the results.


This is a lightweight pomade. Whatchu expect? Of course, with agitation and time, this pomp falls apart and you'll need to fix it.


But because it's a light hold, oil-based pomade...this is a super easy job. Unlike many other products, I didn't lose the hold or strength in the pomade after the day. It resided, and I was able to take advantage of it throughout the day to restyle.


The wax never settled. There was barely any wax to begin with.


Not bad. It felt pretty damn clean.


Probably 1-2 showers should get the product out.


This pomade receives my Seal of Approval. It's been a while since we've seen a good lightweight pomade. It's clean, simple, and does its job exceptionally well. I'd recommend picking this one up along with Crystal Lake.

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