Charming Pomade Classic Review

Today, we'll be continuing on with the Charming Pomade series of review from the Cool Grease line of pomades by Fine Cosmetics. As you should already know, we've already looked at their entire line of water-based pomades. Being surprisingly pleased with the innovation being made there, I was hoping for the same with the oil-based pomades.

This is Charming Pomade Classic. Unlike its close cousin, the Charming Pomade (they should really name their pomades more distinctly)...this one is fully oil-based. 


I don't like this jar's design as much as the Charming Pomade from before. The classic makes use of the red-black-white colorway in a manner that reminds me too much of middle school emo pseudo-punk culture mixed with the Great Gatsby. In short, I don't like it. However, the size and the feel of holding this jar is nice due to the sturdiness and weight.


The smell of this pomade is very neutral. It has a hint of floral and baby powder, but overall, this product smells like nothing. I like this. This is a great choice to be partner with any cologne you're will stay out of the way.


This pomade looks and initially feels a little like Shear Revival TOWK Pomade. It definitely doesn't perform similarly, but still...this pomade looks kinda waxy at first. But, after scooping it out, it scoops out like butter and smears into butter.


Though it gets real buttery, this pomade has a stickiness that we often find in Japanese pomades -- water-based or oil-based. This creates a little discomfort, but you'll be thankful for this later.


This pomade is moderately slick. It's interesting. Despite looking pretty greasy and feeling buttery, this pomade isn't as slick as you think. You'll see what I mean. At the same time, it's lack of slickness kinda counteracts its stickiness -- making this pomade a little more controllable.


It's a good shine. Much better than the overly shiny Charming Pomade from two weeks ago.


The control with this product is slightly better than the Charming Pomade. It has a little more control, but still less than other choice lightweight pomades like Grandad's Lightweight or Byrd Light.


It's a light hold pomade.


This pomade actually does poorly in terms of endurance. In the heat, this pomade will breakdown and restyling in the future is difficult. You can reshape something, but never reach what you had initially in the morning. However, I'm sure this would be a great choice is cold weather. 


Not really possible after a day in the heat.


This pomade does not harden at all.


Takes about 2-3 days to wash out.


This pomade has some upsides. I mean, it looked good when I left in the morning. However, it doesn't have enough hold to keep the pomp up all day -- or even a few hours. It's not made for California, but I believe it has some good potential in colder climates.

For more information, check out Charming Pomade Classic here.