Big Slick Heavy Pomade

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Big Slick Pomade Company is a new homebrewer on the scene with less than a year's worth of brewing under his belt. However, with what inexperience he has with brewing, Vincent has made up with his willingness to ask for help and mentorship. And BOOM! Even without looking at his notes, I was able to call out which pomade he was inspired by and which brewers were his mentors. 

We'll be looking at his heavy hold variation first.


This jar reeks of Vegas. From the obvious card references to the subtle vintage car color ways, it is deeply emdedded into this pomade. It's better represented in the design of their collab with Vaudeville, but there's a lot of potential we can expect to be built on as time passes.


There a variety of scents available to the consumer. Here, I've chosen dirty mint, which is a minty fragrance with mud and clay undertones. I imagine this to be like smelling fresh mint in the wild. It's still mostly straight mint in this pomade, so I believe it can be pushed further -- and should be.


This pomade scoops out just like Lockharts Heavy Hold Pomade. It is a thick waxy pomade that is significant tough yet still manageable to use. You'll really start feeling the waxiness when you agitate and smear the pomade. 


The product still applies reasonably into the hair despite the heavy wax content. This is as long as you don't try applying excessive amounts at once. Take half-scoops at a time, and this will make it all good.


Neutral. No shine added. No shine taken.


This is where this pomade departs from Lockharts. Unlike its slick cousin, Big Slick Heavy is very dry, and you'll be prone to get stray hairs both in the morning and even more throughout the day. But, this is all a trade-off. 


The hold is unhampered by the presence of an obvious oil-ness or greasiness. The dryness really allows the hold to be kept isolated and clean. It's not the strongest thing in the world, but it is strong. 


The control offered by this pomade is good but not perfect. 


I thought this pomade would do extremely well throughout the day, but it didn't. For the first few hours, it was real nice, but as the day really progressed, the wax really took on a sticky characteristics that was not present before. This caused the hair to clump up, and the weight really began to overtake its strength.


As mentioned above, the pomade really lends itself to be restyle within the first few hours, but after that, the pomade gets way too sticky.


The wax doesn't really settle. Things get stiff, but they never really harden up.


It'll take about 2-3 showers to fully remove.

Build-up Quality

This is the strongest aspect of Big Slick Heavy. This pomade has a waxy yet very soft build-up that is fucking perfectttt for styling a nice and loose, finger-combed pompadour. You'll have to try it out for yourself to believe. 


Overall, this is a good pomade that doesn't break any new ground while still picking up where other products left off. Vincent's decision to look up to the right brewers has allowed him to make some astonishing pomades while still being such a young company. However, if he's to break barriers and make memorable products, he'll need to make a new pomade that is unlike anything else we've seen. And I believe he's capable of it.

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