Big Slick Original Pomade

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In the last review, we looked at Big Slick Heavy and so, today we'll be looking the Original Pomade that started this whole thing. 


The design, by all means, is the same as the jar from our last review. A vintage Vegas appeal and the other real change is the turquoise-like background.


I chose the barbershop scent with this pomade, and I think it does some justice to the aroma. The smell of this pomade is very cologne-like and fresh. The only aspect missing from it is a sting or astringent-ness. The smell of a barbershop is an artificial clean and so, has some bite (i.e. barbicide). This pomade is smooth and lacks this aspect. 


This pomade feels a lot like The One Who Knocks by Shear Revival. It also performs similarly and this all makes sense because Zachary was one of Vincent's mentors. It scoops very easily, and you should be more concerned about not scooping too much product. 


Super easy. Applies like a light pomade.


It does very well in this category. It's very slick and keeps everything together without being an overly greasy pomade. 


A slight notch above neutral.


The hold is a small step below medium, but I'd still place it in the medium hold category. This product is pretty light in regards to its weight, and so, the hold can accomplish its needs very well.


For a product who's control isn't overly hold-based, this pomade provides an adequate level of control. 


You'll def need to restyle with this pomade.


You'll def be able to restyle with this pomade.


Not at all.


You should be able to wash it out in two showers.

Build-up Quality

The build-up is very light


This pomade a slight variation on TOWK. The clean scent does well to compliment a pomade that could be slightly too greasy without it. Big Slick Original Hold Pomade offers the simple things.

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