Toar and Roby 'Heavy Duty' Pomade

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This is the second Indonesian pomade review we've done on this blog. The first was within this line (Toar and Roby) but on their 'The Original' which ended up like medium-ish heavy pomade confused about its identity. However, we're now looking at the 'Heavy Duty' and this one seems to be much more certain about what it is. This pomade is a strong hold and low shine product, and it rightfully owns up to its purpose.


If you want a full description and explanation on how I feel about this can's design, then you'll have to refer to the previous review of 'The Original'. In short, it lacks aesthetic composition and is very amateur. The logo itself isn't bad, but the overall can is mediocre. It's identical to the rest of the jars in the Toar and Roby line with the exception of a color text designation on the lid. I would suggest not removing multiple jars' lids at once because you will mix them up.


This pomade has a scent that's identical to that of 'The Original', or at least, I can't tell the difference at all. It's a fresh floral scent; however, it's not as refined as some of the other aromas we've seen (i.e. Byrd). This one has a tartness and astringency that I normally associate with soaps and cleaners. 


This pomade is slightly thicker out the can than 'The Original' -- just by a little bit. You'll feel the heightened level of wax content and notice it in the way the product doesn't string out.


TAKE SMALL SCOOPS or you'll regret it. I warned you. If you take is slow and easy, then you'll be fine. This is a pretty waxy pomade, so you'll feel the grip as you move your hands through your hair. 


The shine is nonexistent. It won't take shine away from your hair as a matte product would. Instead, it keeps your hair where it naturally is/was.


This is most prominent aspect that this pomade lacks. I wasn't able to notice it too well without my glasses during the review, but this pomade is really not slick. You'll get a few strays in the morning and during the day. You gotta watch out for them. Normally, this also affects the control a pomade can provide, but it is made up for in a way. I'll talk about that in the control section.


This pomade has good hold. It's far from being the strongest pomade I've ever used, but it is a solid hold pomade. On top of build-up, it can be one of the strongest pomades you've ever used. The waxiness definitely comes out and you'll feel a high strength-to-weight ratio. 


The presence of solid hold and good build-up can make this pomade one of the best instances of control. It's not as easy without build-up. However, as you'll see in the video where we have build-up, this pomade puts my hair where I want it and the first time. We're normally affected by a lack of slickness in the pomade. However, this pomade is so strong that whether or not each layer of hair can stick to one another, they can stand on their own.


This pomade did a much better job than 'The Original'. Radical change in formula or not, this pomade definitely lost strength throughout the day, but the general shape was maintained. You actually might be able to get away without restyling your hair during the day, but I would still recommend it. I didn't provide any images from the afternoon because my hair barely even changed. And also, because I'm backstage for my group's performance and don't got time for that shit.


Also unlike 'The Original', this pomade lacks a strange greasy stickiness that makes 'Heavy Duty' much easier to restyle. Whether you're using a comb or your fingers, the product doesn't grip and pull your hair. It's dry but smooth to work with. You obviously won't be able to get the same hold and volume you had before in the morning.


You can wash this pomade out in about three to four days.

Build-Up Quality

The build-up is actually spectacular. It's a really waxy build up that add volume and strength without almost any weight. 


I would recommend Toar and Roby Heavy Duty Pomade as long as you can work off of a build-up. This pomade is similar to 'The Original' but the slight changes that make it a waxier and even drier product really pull through to make this an effective pomade. 

For more information, you can check it out here.