Toar and Roby 'Executive Slick' Pomade

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To end the series of reviews covering the Toar and Roby line of hair pomade, we'll be taking a final look at their Executive Slick. This is a light hold, high shine product. Now, on this blog, we are supporters of light hold pomade due to their unique ability to balance control and enhancement of the natural characteristics of one's hair. But, this is only done or offered by the best of light pomades. Unfortunately, most just end up as an alternative substitute to Vaseline. 

Let's see where this one lies.


As I said before and I shall say again, the design of this jar is bad. It's so basic that I could have made this on Microsoft Word or maybe even Microsoft Paint. But, let's continue onwards.


The scent of this jar, according to the official descriptions I've seen online, is a floral-musk scent. Essentially, the same thing as the others but with a muskiness. The others have a clean floral scent that burns your nose. It has a weird astringency that reminds me of cleaners. Plus, I just realize I think this pomade's scent is the reason why I've been sneezing so much lately.


This pomade scoops out like Vaseline...because it effing IS Vaseline. Well, not exactly. But this pomade is literally made of just petrolatum, coconut oil, and fragrance. Fragrance that makes you sneeze. The simplicity of Executive Slick is both cool (in a way) and the limiting aspect of this pomade. What I mean won't make it very far with a formula that is only three ingredients, and one of which is just smell. 

Either way, it's greasy. However, unlike the lube we know as Vaseline, this pomade has some stickiness and thickness that is likely the cause of the coconut oil. This ingredient is 'more solid' than petrolatum at room temperature and is likely responsible for this characteristic.


It's super greasy and so, you won't have any issues with applying it. Forreal.


It's straight up petrolatum. OF COURSE IT'S SLICK. You won't have any stray hairs in your pomp that are a result of a dry product, or hairs not being able to stick to one another. Instead, any stray hairs will likely be due to those strands being on the 'shorter' side of things. This pomade is slick but you can slick down with it. 


Medium-barely high shine.


For a pomade with no wax, the hold is present (but not sustainable).


You have control of the overall shape but not over each individual strand or groups of strands. This will make your hair prone to splits and falling apart because it's difficult to style a formidable pomp -- one that will survive the elements. It's next to impossible to even layer your hair effectively.


This pomade will not survive the day -- maybe not even a few minutes as you can see in the photo above. I did admittedly put it through the hoops today, but still...I really REALLY did not want a product that can't get my back for more than a few minutes. My hair ended up being a messed the entire day until I found a mirror, which was literally at the end of the day. 


It's easy to restyle, but you'll have to do it too often.


Washes out in 1-2 showers.

Build-up Quality

No beneficial wax build-up. The only build-up you'll get is greasy.


I can't recommend this pomade in this current state. I do believe it has great potential because of the hold that this product offers without any wax content. However, a light pomade is a light hold product, not a no-hold product. Despite all the good words I've heard about this Toar and Roby Executive Slick, I must say I'm disappointed.

Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me. You'll find Toar and Roby Executive Slick at the best price here.