Who are you? 

Hey my name is Rocky Lopez, I am 19 years old and I am the owner, founder, and brewer of Rustin Pomade Company from Houston, Texas.

What is the new product? 

These products are actually two variations; Supreme Water Based Pomade, and Deluxe Water Based Pomade.

Why did you decide to make it?

I wanted to expand my line to offer a variety of hair products for different people with different kinds of hair and to cater to those users who are less experienced with oil based products, and I wanted to do what others haven't done: release two variations at once. Seeing recently released products, I noticed many consumers mention certain products specifying the hold, or lack of hold, so I figured why not provide an option to those who prefer medium hold pomades and firm hold pomades in a water based form. Since the O'Douds Water Based release, there has been an uprising in the market of homebrewing about water based pomades and I decided to do my research and have my take on it, since it was proven that you don't need a lab to manufacture a water based product.

What does it offer that your current line does not? 

The current home-brewed pomade market is vastly filled with a variety of oil-based pomades, many which contain petrolatum, wax, and various oils. However, the Rustin Water Based pomades have the great performance of an oil-based, but it has the beneficial convenience of a water based, which is that they wash out easy. It is a hybrid of both types, but unlike other new water based pomades on the market, this one is offered in two holds: Medium(Deluxe) and Firm (Supreme) 

How long did it take you to develop your formulas?

Surprisingly it took me less time to develop these formulas than the formulas for my oil-based line. Even though water based pomades are harder to make, it took about 4 months to gather all the information I needed to craft these, and I made one little "mistake" during a test batch and it changed the entire consistency of the pomade, and that's when I figured out how to use certain ingredients to their advantage. Unfortunately there isn't any guides online on how to craft a water based pomade, but I pat myself on the back for doing enough research to test this out on my own and receive results that yielded a product I was extremely satisfied with.