The Based Pomade Manifesto

R E L E A S E   D A T E   :    S A T U R D A Y ,   M A Y    1 6 T H   @   8 A M   P S T

On behalf of Clayton of O'Douds All Natural, I am proud to announce the official release date for The Based Pomade this weekend. We've been working on this formula since mid-February and tried a myriad of different things, but nothing was worthy of the name. Well, not until we created this formula.

" Based. "

The true concept of based is more than just internet meme. It's an ideology of simply doing your thing. Fuck all the noise and just keep doing you. Based resides on the ability of shut out the world and act unconstrained by societal expectations. Just as Lil B the Based God has done so for the past six years, we crafted The Based Pomade to do the same but within the pomade community.

It's undeniable that the concept of pomade and brilliantine has been around for decades and possibly for centuries in similar forms. Products such as this become rooted in tradition and frozen in time. There exists a false perception that this classical form is perfection, but in truth, there is always a forward path to take. This is what The Based Pomade represents. 

" Death to the most fly. "

I saw this collaboration as a chance to wipe everyone's preconceptions of what they expect an oil-based or water-based pomade to be. Not only is based a shout out to Lil B but it's also a satire of everyone's obsession over water-based vs. oil-based vs. wax-based vs whatever-based. There are entire cliques that swear loyalty to a type of based. Designation of a pomade as water-based or oil-based does more to influence the mind of the user than to influence the actual performance of the pomade. So, let's break down all these false expectations.

" Praise the most Based. "

Thank you Based Pomp. Now, allow me to get down to the actual specifications of this pomade. As I mentioned before in the earlier media release on The Based Pomade, this pomade is water-based by technicality. The actual performance is a strange and unique halfway between what we normally see in O'Douds Original and Anchors Teddy Boy Original with a lil more grainy-ness to give you a nice texture. One scoop for a loose pomp. Two for a light and clean pompadour. Then, you can go in with three scoops for an experience almost identical to The Pomade.

" Whuz dis thang gon smeel lyke? "

The scent of this pomade was by far the most difficult part. In the past collaborations, we gone with a sweet mahogany wood smell in The Pomade and some Davidoff Cool Water in the most recent collaboration, White. pomade. Though they were nice in their own regards, they never fully realized my imagination. A true cologne is insanely complex to the senses. There is a reason why they're so expensive. The scent takes you not only up and down, but its multi-dimensionality carries you through and back. We can NEVER truly replicate the complexity of a cologne in a hair product without charging you at least 3-4 times more. 

The Based Pomade has been designed to be worn in combination with most existing colognes. It was a difficult task, but we wanted to do two things with this scent: stay loyal to the herbalness of the O'Douds All Natural name and create something that can accent and add to any cologne aroma. What we created was a baseline scent -- not a neutral scent. It is a single-tone aroma that allows your cologne to play the rest of the notes. It is a like a bassline that allows you to come in with whatever snares and high hats you want. Or if you choose to wear it in isolation, the scent is a monochrome jacquard weave -- the complexity is hidden in its cohesion.

" It's been all about you. "

At the end of the day, this pomade was designed to center around you. It was crafted in every regard to take nothing away from you, and simply accent anything and everything that you already possess. The idea was not to make a pomade that catches people's attention. Rather, it was create a product that makes YOU catch people's attention.