Shear Revival Music or Misery Pomade

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Shear Revival has been on the rise for some time now. Zach came out of nowhere but quickly gave the market something unforgettable being Crystal Lake. However, all of his products tend to be on the lighter side. Whether they claim to be a medium or a lightweight pomade, you can expect the hold and endurance to underperforming. 


Now, with his new heavy hold pomade, one may likely see this as his response. Music or Misery is a high-performance, strong hold wax pomade that does not lack in hold at all compared to his other products. This proves the versatility of Shear Revival's line of hair products.


The jar is consistent with the rest of his line -- cohesiveness and consistency. The nice textured label paper is nice and goes well with the color scheme. Zach did make one change to the current line. He switched over to clear plastic jars and black metal lids. This exposes the color of the pomade and allows him to fully take advantage of his color choice. It's a nice touch.


According to Shear Revival, the official scent of this pomade is a sweet lime with cedar. Maybe it's my allergies or the meshing of too many things, I can't identify the individual aspects of this pomade. It smells nice and is more balanced than TOWK or Elm Street for my taste. 



Despite being a heavy hold and a high-wax-content pomade, it is really soft. It's soft like Goon Grease but without the slight oily and greasy feel. It's drier.


Applying this pomade to your hair is a very reasonable experience. You'll definitely feel the tug of the wax, but it's not overly painful like other pomades. As you saw in the video, I was still able to aggressively work my hair around. As long as you work only small scoops in at a time, you will be fine.


Just a small notch above neutral. 


For being a heavy hold pomade, this is slightly above average slickness. You'll lose a significant portion of it throughout the day but still...good for a heavy hold pomade. 


A little goes a long way here. With a pomade whose strength-to-weight ratio is very high, you want to minimize the amount of product you use. You'll very quickly reach a point when any additional product actually weighs down your hair instead of helping it. It's a strong pomade. It may not be the strongest but it's definitely up there compared to other oil-based pomades. 


The balance between the slickness and strength is good, so that lends to some nice control for the use. It probably would have lender even more so if I had gotten the haircut I needed.


This pomade can last a commendable amount of time, but it will still lose a lot of volume over the course of the day. This volume is not possible to reattain. The overall form is kept but loveliness of the morning pomp is gone. Lol. Morning pomp. 


It's reworkavle but only with a comb and to some extent. For some reason, it's hard to get your fingers flowing through your hair with this product. I guess the wax just grips too hard. 


Over of the easiest heavy hold pomade to wash out. 70% after the first shower and 90% after the second. 


It's a pretty dry product which makes it real easy to deal with. 


Allin all, the Shear Revival Music or Misery Heavy Hold Pomade receives my seal of approval. It's not a perfect pomade, but it's been a long time since we've seen a solid heavy hold pomade. It has great strength and provides the user with some good control. I'd recommend checking it out.

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