Tough & Tumble No.1 Lava Pomade

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It's funny to see how pomade are influenced by their geographical origins. Not in the obvious way of their names, logos, or whatever. Instead, in what they focus on and how they approach their products. We typically see extremely good design work from New York, California, and a few of the major cities with good taste. This is one is from Brooklyn, and once again, we see some damn good design work from New York.

This is a craft pomade. We mainly support two types of pomade here on The Pomp: craft and homebrewed pomades. The former encompasses the latter, but the difference is that the term craft pomades includes those small batch pomades made in labs but commissioned by independent owners. For example, some craft brewers are Admiral Supply Co., The Daimon Barber No.1, and BYRD. Homebrewers are those who cook up their pomade out of a household or more generally, do not commission their small-scale manufacturing to the third-party cosmetic lab. The rest of the pomade companies that do not fall into these groups are the large companies such as Dax Hair Care, Murray's, Cool Grease by Fine Cosmetics, and Baxter of California. In colloquial terms, if their operation is small-scale enough to actually run out of stock, then they might be a craft pomade company.

Let's get on with the review. This is Tough & Tumble Original Matte Lava Pomade.


The design work is top-notch. From the typeface to the image of the bridge to the overall composition, everything was done very well and it all flows. Plus, the direct printing really ties it up to make it feel like a quality and valuable pomade.  And shittt, on a nice aluminum jar with gunmetal cap. Trust. This shit is noiceeee. 


The scent was real nice to begin with. When I first open it, I was like damn. That's a clean cologne-like scent. Once you break the surface though, the clay really comes out and adds a strange mustiness and earthiness to the smell. In this case, I would consider it to be an unwanted addition. It has some potential to be taken advantage of, but the two scents don't mix well here. HOWEVER, the scent is still a nice and neutral scent. These are one of the few products that you can wear a cologne on top of.


I would say this pomade has a strange consistency, but that wouldn't be true. We've seen such a huge variation between different texture pomade that it's been impossible to settle on what is the right consistency. This product scoops out like some jam.


Heed my words with this one. It's easy to apply to the hair, but you'll wanna work fast. If you take too long, the product will dry and become difficult to work with. Move fast and confidently. If you do this, it will be an easy process with a little bit of dry grip at the end.


This product is marketed as a matte product and it's rightly so. It neither adds nor takes away shine from your hair. We've seen more and more of this characteristic lately, and it's a welcomed departure away from matte products that literally dry out your hair.


This product is a blend of many clay-heavy products we've seen and the fiber pomades we saw last year. What I mean is that we get a similar separation of hair that's matte and dry in characteristic. Yet, we see the same gel-like aspect that we witness in Bona Fide Fiber and Admiral Fiber. I'd still prefer to see something in the clay-wax nature, but this is a strange and unexpected combination that worked.


The control wasn't perfect, but it was good. Perfect exists as a middle ground between orthodox control and controlled messiness. You want the product to let you hair get messy, but only in the right way. Sounds weird right? Either way, this pomade was pretty good in this regard. It's a medium hold pomade, which is fitting. I was able to style a good sized pomp at first, but you can see the pomade slowly disassemble it at the edges. This maintains the general shape but gives it the messy aesthetic.


The importance of this characteristic takes a new shape with texture pomades. It's no longer an issue of whether the product allowed your pomp to stay perfect throughout the day. Instead, it's not an issue of whether your hair retained its general shape. How much hold did you lose throughout the day and after every time you restyled.


The hardening up of this pomade made it slightly difficult to restyle, but it wasn't a discomfort. Difficulty won't stop be, but if this pomade starts ripping out my hair and what not, that'll stop me right away. You'll lose about 25% of your strength every time you restyle without water. But if you restyle with water, you'll retain most of the product hold. However, this is at the cost making the product harden up like a gel.

Progressive Aesthetic

This characteristic is an assessment of how well a product gets messed up throughout the day and still looks good (or maybe even better). This is an important aspect to texturizing products since we have little control over how the hair comes apart after a few hours. We can only hope that it is falling apart in an aesthetic manner. This pomade was okay in this category. It loses a lot of volume, which makes it real flat after a while. We need that volume.


It definitely hardens up, but we're not talking about like Suavecito-hard status.


Washes out in one go.


This pomade receives my seal of approval. It's not perfect and far from being the best hair product out there; however, it is a good example of how clay pomades can be altered from what we've normally seen and taken in a new direction.

You can check it out here.