Rustin Water Based Deluxe Pomade

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For the past three months or so, we've seen a huge rise in water-based pomade in the market. I'm not talking about those gel pomades we normally call water-baesd pomades. I'm talking about a true pomade that just happens to have water as the primary ingredient. It all started with O'Douds, but now, we have two new additions to the category thanks to Rustin. 

*** SIDE NOTE ***

The introduction of these new water-based pomades has made terminology very confusing. From this point onwards, I will refer to these products (i.e. O'Douds Water Based, The Based Pomade, Anchors Teddy Boy Original, Shear Revival Crystal Lake) as water-based pomades because they have water as the primary ingredient and perform as a pomade should. Other products like Suavecito, Layrite, Admiral, etc. will be referred to as gel-pomades because they dry and harden like hair gels. This should hopefully provide some clarity.


Today, we'll be looking at the Rustin Water Based Deluxe Pomade -- the lighter of two new products by Rocky Lopez of Rustin Pomade.


The design work for these two pomades were definitely a step up from his current line. The new image of Rustin Pomade has been circling and centered around the concept of a wolf, which for many reasons, carries a lot of meaning. Aesthetically, the jar is becoming more and more visually cohesive as Rocky's label grows. Deluxe Pomade comes in a 4 oz. glass jar with matte printing on a clear label with black lid. The clear glass is a great effect that really accentuates the color of the product. 


The official smell of this pomade, according to Rocky, is a white amber and hibiscus. Without that knowledge, it simply has a musky, sweet cream type of scent. It reminds me of cake frosting to a large extent, but it interestingly has a deep musk. Overall, I like it very much.


This pomade feels exactly like Shear Revival Crystal Lake. When you scoop it out, the product comes out pretty dry and you can literally roll it up into a ball. It's weird but interesting. 


Applying the pomade was super easy. As you smear it in your hands, it all comes apart very smoothly. Then, when you try to throw it all in your hair, the pomade spreads evenly, and it will be pretty effortless to get it all in your hair and where you want it.


No stray hairs. 


A notch above neutral.


In the morning, this pomade is a straight medium. 


The control you will get from this pomade is great. Overall, this pomade is similar to Crystal Lake, but it really differentiates here. The control it gives provides more volume. 


The pomade will lose about half its hold throughout the day. I was hoping for it to pick up where some of the other water-based pomades left off in this regard. However, at the same time, it was so similar of a product that I should've have expected something alike. 


The hair is super soft and so, that makes it really easy to work with. You won't have the hold anymore so that sucks, but the product really relaxes your hair.


Not at all.


Washes out in one go.


All in all, this pomade receives my seal of approval. It's not perfect, of course. There still a lot of growth ahead of it, but with these brewers, we can expect the challenge to be accepted. The way it makes your hair feel is exceptional. It feels relaxed, soft, and healthy. Nice. 

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