Rustin Water Based Supreme Pomade

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This week, we took a look at Rustin Pomade Co.'s new line of water-based pomades. Rocky recently decided to drop two new home-brewed, water-based hair pomades on the market as his first step into this new category. Being inspired by O'Douds Water Based Pomade and Shear Revival Crystal Lake, we can see where Rustin was heading.

Today, we'll be concluding the line with Rustin Water Based Supreme Pomade. This is a firm-version of the Deluxe Pomade, which is a medium. We're hoping to see significantly more hold, and I'm really itching to finally see one of these new water-based pomades that can exude both convenience and endurance. 


The design work and presentation of the Supreme Pomade is identical to the Deluxe Pomade with the exception of the name and color change. It well done overall and a step in the right direction. This is a four ounce glass jar with black lid. Overall, it's solid.


The aroma of this pomade is also built off the Deluxe Pomade. Where that one smelled like frosting, this one kinda smells like frosting on a freshly baked cake. It has a smokey component that likely derives from the tobacco scent Rocky added to the pomade. Officially, this one is tobacco amber.


This one a significantly stiffer than the Deluxe Pomade. You'll notice how much drier this product is than its brother. On top of that, there are still little beads of wax in the pomade that you'll need to breakdown before you start applying.


After smearing the product all down to a paste, it'll still feel slightly stiffer than the Deluxe Pomade. However, once you start throwing it all in your hair, it'll feel no different than the medium-hold version and this is where the difference all stops.


Only a notch above neutral.


Despite the extra hold, it's still a relatively slick pomade. You won't have many issues with stray hairs here. 


The strength, in the morning, is slightly above the Deluxe Pomade. However, the hold in the Supreme Pomade drops to the Deluxe level in no time at all.


The control is good but nothing exceptional beyond what we've seen. 


To be honest, it is poor. It's on the level of the Deluxe Pomade, which was already pretty low. If this is described to be a firm hold pomade, we expect a pomade that will last for hours on top of hours. We want something that will hold up our hair the entire day, or at least, a majority of the day.


It's easy to work with, but the lack of volume and hold makes it impossible to maintain a full pompadour throughout the day. 


Opposite. It actually gets softer and softer as the hours pass.


Washes all out in one go. You don't even need to use shampoo.


For all intents and purposes, this pomade is identical to the Deluxe Pomade. Minus the scent change and the difference in texture, those two pomades are really extremely hard to tell apart. Rustin Water Based Supreme Pomade needs more hold and the ability to endure. It might not be sufficient right now, but I believe it's safe to say that Rocky will continue to ever improve his work. Nevertheless, the Deluxe Pomade and the Supreme Pomade are two good options.

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