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We first looked at Crowne & Combes back in the summer of 2014. This was when Mikko first opened up the line, and he looked to me for a review. It was then and still is a homebrewed pomade out of Toronto, Canada that brings a unique perspective to the market. Unlike many other pomade lines that focus on hold and strength, this company's first pomade was a light hold product. I'm sure many of you overlooked this, but it's an interesting decision made by the owner.

Now, they've released a Black Wax Pomade. It claims a firm hold, matte finish, and polar bomb scent. Let's discuss whether or not it stands up to these claims.


The current design is a huge step up from the previous jars. For this pomade or the original, the move towards a matte finish decal and plastic jar really accents the feel of this pomade well. Are there still improvements to be made? Yeah. Of course.  But this is a step in the right direction.


So, I think I confused the scent last time. I mean, it still has a mango butter tinge to me, but this scent was independent of that mango aspect. Lol. If you didn't understand those last sentences, then it's ok. The smell of this pomade has a strange citrus and grape scent that ripples through the background. The overarching scent is a clay or play-do-like smell. There may be a hint of something cologne-like, but that one is easily confused.


Dude. I tried using this pomade on a cold morning, and it was an effing rock. You can literally knock on that shit. But then, I used it in another scenario where the room was slightly warmer. The product was still tough but nothing like the previous experience. Overall, the initial push through the product is hard, but it's super easy after that.


Applying the pomade to your hair is easy. It's supposed to be a waxy pomade, but it actually isn't. The pomade literally melts into a butter when you smear it up, and it's a breeze to put in your hair.


It's matte.


This pomade is pretty slick. You won't have any issues with keep you hairs together.


Unlike what the pomade jar says or what we expected, this pomade is more of a medium. It's definitely a lot lighter than I expected and hoped.


This pomade has okay control. It's a very buttery pomade, and a strong hold would have really tied things down. 


This pomade doesn't last that long. It'll be necessary to carry comb with you.


It's easy to restyle and the pomade won't change much during the day.


You can wash about 80% of it one go. 


Buttery. Not greasy.


At the end of the day, I would not recommend this pomade as a heavy hold product, but I would recommend it as a unique pomade and an alternative perspective on the market. As a connoisseur of pomade, it's important to be aware of how everyone interprets pomade and puts their personality (and environment) into each product.

For more information, you can check out the pomade here. Be sure to use our promo code THEPOMP to take 10% off your order with Crowne & Combes.