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Ever since the first homebrewed water-based pomade by Clayton of O'Douds All Natural, a handful of young and innovative homebrewers have heeded my call. We've witnessed a sizable assortment of new water-based pomades -- each unique in its own way with advantages and disadvantages.

Recently, Wade of Flagship Pomade Co. released 'The Insubmersible'. It is a new heavy hold, water-based, homebrewed pomade that exudes the advantages and convenience of the new never-drying water-based pomade with even greater hold. We've heard a little about this pomade across the interwebz but no one has fully set this pomade in stone and showed us where it stands in the market. So, let's do it.


The  look of the jar is nice -- especially for a new homebrewed pomade. As the name suggests, the pomade and company embody a pirate-theme, and the labeling carries this aura well. The burnt edges and the pixelated/blurred image add effectively to the overall composition.


I can't. I literally cannot get with the smell of this pomade. It's a really strong, perishable musk. I have a background in oil painting, and something we use a lot is safflower oil-based paints. Sitting in a tube or covered pallete for days, weeks, or realistically, even years, they get a funky ass smell that is IDENTICAL to this pomade. No insult meant to Wade but I literally almost barfed into the jar when I first opened it. However, I do know a few people who actually like this smell. Nevertheless, Wade is now in the process of updating and reformukating the smell.


Thinking about it now in retrospect, The Insubmersible feels a lot like The Dirty Byrd by Byrd Pomade when you first scoop it out of the jar. The two products have nothing else in common, but I guess the consistency of the two pomades are really similar. It's thick and grainy when scoop at it, but it breaks down easily into a waxy paste.


its definitely thick and grippy, which makes it slightly discomforting to apply. All you need to do is make sure you only scoop out small amounts at a time. It'll make the entire process easy and pleasurable. 


No shine. I'd say it's a touch under neutral. You'll notice your hair being a little more matte than usual during the day. 


This also not a slick product.  The same aspect that provides the matte appearance and dry feel of the pomade reappears here. It takes away from the slickness, which in turn, takes away from the control of this pomade.


The hold of this pomade is probably the most prominent and promising aspect of The Insubmersible. This is the first time we see a heavy and fim hold water-based pomade. We're not talking about gel pomades. We're talking about true pomade hair products -- something unorthodox that doesn't dry and performs as a traditional pomade does. The hold is comparable to some of the mid-range heavyweight oil-based pomades (i.e. Goon Grease).


The control from this pomade is not as good as it can be. It's good enough to get something up, but it's definitely not a full realization of the potential we see. The product is just too dry. It's a heavy and dry product. 

Flagship Pomade Company Co The Insubmersible Water Based The Pomp Pomade Pompadour Front


The pomade performs moderately well in regards to surviving the toils of a summer day in California. Obviously not perfect but a lot better than other water-based pomades.  


You  can't hand moved this stuff. It's really dry, and it'll grip yo fingerz. This is painful. But! It doesn't grip combs, so go HAM with that. 


It doesn't dry up, but it does harden a bit.


Washes out completely -- with or without shampoo. Amazing. 


The Insubmersible is not a perfect pomade, but is a great step in the right direction. A big concern of ours has been whether or not these new water-based pomades can offer hold comparable to a heavyweight oil-based pomade. This one has proved that they can. There's still a lot of refinement to be made but this is a proof-of-concept.

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