Baxter of California Clay Pomade

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You know. This pomade has been sitting under my sink for almost a year now, and I never bothered using it until now. Back then, I had not yet begun to style a finger-combed pompadour. So, it was basically useless to me. However, I recently revisited it and BAM! This shit is amazing.

Today, we'll be looking at Baxter of California Clay Pomade. This isn't the first texturizing hair product we've investigated here on The Pomp. All those other clay and fiber products fall into this category to some extent. The purpose of these products, unlike a standard pomade, are meant to provide great volume, shape, and hair separation. Let's see how Baxter of California Clay Pomade meets the expectations.


This pomade is literally no different than the rest of the hair products from Baxter. They're undoubtedly clean. Clay Pomade comes in a small (and expensive) jar. It's a thick and clear glass with black lid. Simple. Minimal. Clean.


I don't like the smell of this pomade. Unlike the rest of this line, it doesn't have nice fresh and sweet citrus scent. This one has a licorice scent. How it's the hell do you even describe licorice? It's a black licorice smell.


Surprisingly, this pomade is actually an oil-based pomade. It's cool, but just not what I was expecting from Baxter of California since all their other stuff are water-based. This pomade scoops out like a thick waxy pomade.


You'd think it would be a shitty experience, but once you start agitating the product in your hands, it actually gets real buttery and what not. It's real easy.


It's between neutral and matte. 


Clay Pomade actually provides the perfect amount of texture. We've seen both sides of the spectrum. With too much texture, the hair separation is down to the hair follicle level where nothing can be kept together. Then at the other end, the separation is very poor with a performance similar to other common products. This product offers a balanced amount of separation where we see 'managed messiness'. 


It provides a strong amount of hold. Out of all the texture pomades I've used, this has been the ONLY one to provide enough hold.


The first time I used this pomade. I was able to hand comb every thing up and into a beautiful shape. So come on. How can you ever whip up a tall and beautiful pomp with only hands.


The pomade lasts moderately well. It's not something we expect out of a clay pomade. By being intentionally messy, it kinda lends towards a product that can't last the entire day. 


This pomade stays workable for the most part. It be can be dried out by hot weather though. That would make it very hard to style with.


Not really.


Yes. Your hair, unfortunately, will be left feeling a bit dry and unhealthy.


Washes out in one go with shampoo.


This pomade receives my seal of approval. It is one hell of texturizing pomade. I have yet to use any sort of clay pomade that provides as much hold, control, and beautiful texture as the Baxter of California Clay Pomade.