Tough & Tumble No.2 Lava Pomade

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About a month ago, we took a look at Tough & Tumble No.1 Pomade which turned out to be an alright hybrid between a standard gel pomade and texture product. What this brand seems to offer and center around is the addition of volcanic clay to their products. In the first one, it was difficult to distinguish how and why the addition of that ingredient changed anything. However, I gotta say. They definitely got it right with their next product, the No.2 Solid & Shine Lava Pomade.

It's actually not too different from the No.1, but it only takes a small difference to change a product completely. I'm not saying the No.2 Pomade doesn't still act like a standard water-based gel pomade. What I'm saying is that, at least, it acts like an exceptional one.


Let's be honest here. Tough & Tumble has one of the most beautiful jars on the market. It's as though a minimalist-focused industrial designer had his way with it all. It's all very clean, but when the image gets crowded, the font choice and composition is on point. Extremely well done.


Lol. Hours later and I still haven't really pin-pointed the exact smell of the pomade. Let me check their site...and it doesn't say anything. Whatever. It smells like something threw some Play-Do and soap together. It's a clean smell, but that volcanic clay really wants to make its presence known. All together, it's not bad or great and just really neutral overall.


This pomade has a consistency more akin to Steadfast and Admiral rather than say, Layrite or Suavecito. However, it's not as wet as the other water-based gel-pomades. I think this is due to the volcanic clay ingredient.


Come on. It's a water-based pomade. Rarely are these product ever hard to apply to one's hair -- unless it's some shitty stuff like Slick Devil or Suavecito Firme.


It actually has the exact amount of shine that I'm looking for; however, this only lasts for the first few hours of the day. It's a notch above neutral. It says that you have product in your hair, but it doesn't make you a greasy ass vato.


It's weird. The volcanic clay works against this product's slickness which is one of the best characteristics of this pomade. However, it is still a slick pomade. Obviously, it's not a slick as an oil-based pomade, but the pomp is still kept together well and in a nice package. 


Despite what the marketing may lead you to believe, it's not that strong of a pomade. It's more of a medium-heavy. The nicest aspect is that this strength is obtained with very little weight or 'heaviness'. It is a lightweight pomade with good hold.


The control of this pomade is very nice. It's not a sticky pomade like many of the other water-based gel-pomades. Thanks to the volcanic clay. It causes a bit of separation between the hairs which allows like pomade it has a nice texture in the hair. You hair goes where you want it, but has a little movement after every stroke because the pomade is not overly strong or sticky.


This actually performs pretty well in regards to endurance. It felt very fragile at the beginning of the day, and I'm not saying it's perfect. However, it ain't bad. This is good through because it's far from great when it comes to restyling with this pomade.


You NEED water to reactivate the product. Even so, you lose almost all your hold when restyling.


Hardens up to crunchiness.


Washes out completely in one go.

Let's go back to the first set of photos and admire how beautiful that side profile shot of my pomp is. There's no way I could see something like that in the mirror and not give it my approval. Thus, Tough & Tumble No.2 Solid & Shine Lava Pomade receives my seal of approval for its interesting balanced of a standard water-based gel-pomade characteristics and the added ones that result from the volcanic clay. It breaks no barriers in regards to a standard water-based gel-pomade, but in its area of familiarity, this pomade performs exceptionally.

If you're interested in checking out this pomade for yourself, be sure to use promo code THEPOMP because I worked hard to get it for you all. You'll find the pomade available for purchase here.