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19 Fifties Classic Men's Grooming is a new label out of Toronto that was started by a barber. This will be the second Toronto-based pomade we've seen here, and I'm sure it won't be the last we hear from Canada. Today, we'll be looking at their Union Original Pomade. It's a lightweight, water-based, gel-pomade that exudes an overall light feel with good control.


According to the man behind 19 Fifties, there a lot that went into the design of this jar and many subliminal message hidden in it. That's cool and all, but what we care about here is does it simply look good? And the answer is that it's alright. Creating these in-depth messages as a marketing technique is not a good idea. The user must already be interested and own a jar before he can actually acknowledge the work. This product comes in a standard plastic jar like any other water-based pomade from a lab with adhesive labeling all around.


The smell of this pomade was interesting. It's like someone mixed some shampoo or lotion with the aroma of artificial fruit. What I mean has the citrus scent without the sour tanginess that real fruit have. 


Actually, I didn't think about this during the review, but this pomade feels like a softer version of Boulevard Nights Pomade. It's not thick like some of the stronger water-based gel-pomades, yet it's not all jam-like similar to Admiral Pomade or something. It's a nice and interesting feel to the pomade.


Well. This pomade is on the lightweight side of things. There's not reason why it should be difficult to apply, and of course, it isn't. The pomade goes is soft -- not wet. It's actually pretty on the dry side of things, but not like some Suavecito Firme shit. It's a good balance.


The shine of this pomade sits at a notch above neutral.


Strangely, it's not really a slick kind of water-based. For a lightweight pomade, we typically expect them to be relatively slick (for a water-based gel-pomade), but then again, this one was kinda on the dry side when we were applying it anyways. The amount of stray hairs you get is not devastating, but it's something you do need be conscious of them.


It is a light-medium-ish hold. This pomade is light in both overall feel and in hold. It's a dry feeling kind of pomade, which tends to mean you get to make use all the pomade has to offer. This is in comparison to a really wet pomade like Admiral or Steadfast. The water part weighs some of that hold. 


People often confuse light hold for a lack of control when in reality, that is not always the case. Strength is to control as displacement is to horsepower. I mean. It's definitely cornerstone, BUT there is still a lot more to it. It's not simple. It is almost impossible to judge the control a pomade can offer until you try it. 

This pomade provides a good amount of control. Nothing really more than a heavy pomade, but a lot more than a normal light pomade can. It's good.


For a light pomade, it's not bad at all. Not at all.


It's really hard. I'd say you almost really just can't. So, it's actually a good thing that the endurance of this pomade was better than I expected. You'll need a source of water to do anything with this pomade once it's dried. However, anything you try to do is futile. You'll lose about 90% of the hold after restyling.


Full on drying. It's a gel-pomade.


It washes out completely.


This is a good pomade. It doesn't break down any barriers that we've built up to confine these water-based gel-pomades within. However, within the box, it does well. It does things very well.

If you're interested in checking out this pomade for yourself, be sure to use promo code THEPOMP because I worked hard to get it for you all. You'll find the pomade available for purchase here: