The Mail Room Barber Nolde Forest Pomade

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It's been a long time since we've not only looked at The Mail Room Barber, but also, even just an oil-based pomade. With the new direction in the pomade market today, we're beginning to see the rise of innovative and game-changing water-based pomades. This makes it difficult to see where a traditional oil-based pomade fits anymore. And thus, we should expect to see a departure from the old greasy mess to more refined and clean oil-based pomades. This pomade is a perfect example of this direction.

Allow me to present to you Nolde Forest Pomade by The Mail Room Barber X Cody Calhoun. No lie. When I first heard about this particular collaboration, I was like who the fuck is Cody Calhoun? I still don't really know who he is. Truth is that he is neither well-known in the pomade community nor the photography world. However, this does not change the fact that this is a great product and his photography is actually quite well done.


The design of this jar is well-done, but it was poorly executed. The font choice, composition, and overall choices were done with much thought. Yet, the choice to use clear labels was very bad. I even regret choosing it back when I did the White. pomade collaboration with Anchors. The seams of the mold which shaped the glass forces bubbles underneath the label. This really messes up the aesthetics of the jar.


Unlike the original pomade from The Mail Room Barber, the scent of the Nolde Forest Pomade is the strongest aspect of this pomade. I've never used a pomade that so accurately captured the atmosphere, feel, and smell of a forest. It pushes the pine aroma as the primary component, but you'll also get the mustiness and herbal undertones as though you're really on a hike. It's crazy.


In the jar, this pomade feels really waxy. This makes it actually kinda difficult to scoop out of the jar. Once it's out of the jar and agitated in your palms, the pomade turns into a creamy butter.


Applying this stuff to your hair is not bad at all. I mean, it's a medium-weight, oil-based pomade. There shouldn't be any issues with application. It's got some stick to it though. I'm assuming that was due to the wax and oils.


Damn. It's been a long time since I've seen the shine of an oil-based pomade. It's a good amount of shine. A little more than Tough & Tumble No.2, but unlike that water-based gel-pomade, this shine lasts all day.


Very slick. You won't get any stray hairs, and also, the moderate amount of stickiness really keeps the hair all together.


A straight medium.


Good amount of control. You'll see in the video that I styled my hair in no time at all, which is a clear sign of how much control this pomade offers.


This pomade lasted the entire day for me, and I even had quite a bit of shit to do outside int eh hot and humid Houston weather. The fact that it endured moderately well is quite astonishing. You'll lose about 30% or so of the hold you had at the beginning. All in all, that's pretty damn good.


It's an oil-based pomade. Completely reworkable and with any tool of your choosing.


Not at all. They did a great job with this one to keep it clean. Compared to other oil-base pomades on the market, this one ain't greasy at all.


You can wash 90% of the product out in one shower WITH shampoo. 


This pomade receives my seal of approval. No doubt about it. This pomade is a huge step up from anything The Mail Room Barber has made before. It is extremely well-performing, clean, and the scent is literally spot-on with what they had intended. I would highly recommend this pomade, but...unfortunately, it won't be released until July 22nd.

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