Lockhart's Professional Water-Based Pomade

Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/a9OVDITPyXU

This final review should wrap up the new lines of products from the Lockhart's Professional label. We've seen both their other pomades and have determined Matte Clay to be an exceptional pomade worthy of mention. Today, we'll be moving on to their most anticipated release which is the Lockharts Water-Based Pomade.


The design work behind this jar is no different than the other products in its line. Simple. Straightforward. Consistency between products is the strongest aspect.


According to the listings, this pomade is supposed to have a bourbonwood scent. By the description, it sounds like a pretty damn legit smell, but the issue is that there's a strong plastic smell that hangs around the jar. Most of us described it as smell that results from the manufacturing process because homebrewed products sometimes have a Play-Do-like stench while lab-cooked products often have a plastic-ness to it.


At the end of the day, this product would be most accurately classified as a gel-pomade, and the consistency really supports this. Scooping it out is strongly reminiscent of some of the Cool Grease products -- especially the new version of the Lockhart's Water-Based Pomade. In the photo above, you'll see two jars. The one on the left is the new revision while the one on the right is the older version.


Only the worst of the worst gel-pomades are ever difficult to apply. This one is obviously easy to apply. You'll definitely notice that this product is stickier than some of the more wet gel-pomades we've seen. It's not bothersome though.


There some nice shine when the pomade is first applied, but it is quick to dry up and disappear.


The stickiness of this pomade helps a little with the slickness. This makes it a little more slick than the average gel-pomade. However, this characteristic will degrade throughout the day as with most other gel-pomades and water-based pomades.


It is a medium-to-strong kind of hold, but the jar is right...the volume you get from this product will be more around average or less. The weight of this pomade is uncommonly heavy if we compare it to other gel-pomades currently on the market. 


The control of this pomade is good, but that's not because it's exceptional in any way. It is a gel-pomade and we've all used many of them by now. We know how they work and what to expect from them while we're styling.


All my experiences with this pomade except for the actual video review, this pomade helped my pompadour last for the majority of the day. Of course, there was significant sagging, but the general shape was maintain. 


Like any other gel-pomade, you cannot restyle this products without access to water, and even so, you'll maintain less than half the hold you had in the morning. Realistically, you retain only about 30% of the hold.


Hardens up like a gel. No doubt about it.


Washes out with just water, but you'll want to follow up with conditioner.


This gel-pomade is good, but far from being the best one on the market right now. Nevertheless, this is something I would use on the daily while working the good 'ol 9 to five. It's convenient. I don't care to look 100% when everyone around me is 40+ year old engineers, and so, during this time, convenience is king.

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