Suavecito Premium

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It's undeniable. Suavecito is one of the largest companies and has always had one of the most successful marketing efforts this community has ever seen. Though it is common knowledge that their products are unexceptional, people continue to happily use their pomade and defend the name. But, that's because they are reliable, and when you've been dealing with inconsistency, it's always nice to come back to pomade that is predictable and affordable. Hence why we often refer to Suavecito as the McDonald's of Pomades -- tossing up McChicken's and BigMac's for the masses.

Today, we'll be looking at the newest addition to their lineup. Suavecito Premium is their first step into making a gel-pomade that doesn't dry. Their mindset was to simply mix a gel-pomade with an oil-based. This is similar to what people have been doing with Suavecito Firme and any other oil-based like Dax Super Neat. It is an amazing mix, but this one ended up quite different.


This is a beautiful can and a huge step up from the standard jars, but you gotta tip your hat to them for not changing the look of the original for so long. Fewer and fewer companies seem to be sticking with a single jar design for more than a year or two. The new Suavecito Premium can is metal and stamped like the King Brown Pomade we looked at a year ago. The design work is very clean and so is the rest of the products from the Suavecito Premium line. Whether it be their t-shirt design or the tube squeezer, they're all clean as fuck -- visually. 


I like the scent of the original line from Suavecito better. It's not that I consider it of higher quality taste. Not at all. I just find it extremely nostalgic. Also, this doesn't mean that I don't like the new scent of Suavecito Premium. It's nice. The scent is like a mix of Rosemary and Lavender. The aroma is reminiscent of some of our herbally strong homebrewed scents, but it is cleaner, and they take the point off it.


I didn't realize this until after the video, but this Suavecito Premium feels exactly like Cool Grease Z. It even looks exactly like that pomade. It's definitely a thick and brittle product relative to the other gel-pomades we've seen. Overall, I like the way it feels. 


The application of this pomade is interesting. Applying the pomade doesn't hurt or discomforting in any way. It's actually a lot smoother than the other products from Suavecito; however, it grips immediately when it is applied. What I mean is that wherever your hands touch first is the where the pomade will stay. So, you need to be sure that you only take small scoops at a time and apply with this in mind.


The shine is about half a notch up from neutral and is already above average for gel-pomades. Also, we'll talk about this later but the shine lasts all day unlike other gel-pomades.


Suavecito Premium really lacks in this departure. Most other gel-pomades also lack in this category, but the thing is that they make up for it by hardening up. That drying up helps my keeping everything together. Now that this pomade doesn't harden up, the pomp just falls apart.


It's a medium.


The control wasn't what I expected. Usually with Suavecito, we get some of the best control ever because it's...well...predictable. However, this pomade is different. For some reason, it caused my hair to get all wavy and shit when I applied it into dry hair. Also, my pomp ended up pretty damn lumpy and what not. Applying it to damp hair ended up correcting this, but control didn't improve immensely because the dampness soften it all up and weakened the hold. In the end, it's definitely usable but not what we expect from Suavecito.


The lack of slickness single-handedly hinders this pomade's ability to endure the entire day. The fact that the pomade can't keep the hairs together causes the entire pomp to just fall apart completely. You'll see this in the video. The pomade stays, but it just loses what stickiness it had before throughout the day.


You can easily recomb everything, and the pomade won't fight back. This is a huge step up from the original Suavecito pomades; however, if you take away the hardening effect, then a pomade needs to be sticky to keep it all together. 


It dries up once during the day. After you agitate, it will not harden up again. Or, if the rains hits you, then it causes this pomade to harden up real crazy.


Washes out easily with just water.


Suavecito Premium works, but it does not live up to the hype that has been built around it. Their product statement says a lot. A whole fucking lot. After reading it, I expected this product to be the absolute shit and break down barriers. When we first tried this pomade as Formula X and Y over a year ago as anonymous testers, it was innovative. However, it is now over a year later and this pomade no longer can be considered innovative. There are plenty of water-based pomades that don't dry up during the day and not only that. Some of them can mimic or even exceed traditional oil-based pomades in particular categories.

Now, we have O'Douds Water Based which offer much more control and slickness. Then, there is Shear Revival Crystal Lake which has an exceptional softness along with even more control. Rustin Supreme and Deluxe Pomades are also very similar to Crystal Lake. Last, there's Anchors Teddy Original and Matte which are probably two of the most refined water-based pomades that the homebrewing community can offer. Every one of these products are true water-based pomades and not gel-pomades. And along with our promo code THEPOMP, their prices either match or are comparable to Suavecito Premium.

In the end, it's a shame this pomade wasn't released two years ago. I still think everyone should try this pomade out for themselves and understand the characteristics I mentioned in this review.