Lockhart's Professional Hair Groom Review

Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/ra6Flt76eX0

Today, we'll be continuing down the new additions to the line of hair products by Lockhart's. If you haven't checked out the Matte Clay review, then you'll want to know that the Lockhart's Professional line is a new addition to the original Lockhart's Authentic. These are home-formulated but lab-cooked hair products, which makes them very unique products.

The product that we're looking at today, Lockhart's Professional Hair Groom, is what I usually refer to as hair butter. As long as you are aware of all their possible uses, these can be very versatile products both as a standalone or in combination with something else.


The smell is a welcomed throwback to the original lemon scent of Goon Grease with the exception of pushing more towards freshness and citrus. It is a pleasant scent -- very clean. It matches the feel of the product well.


I think I've seen so many Lockhart's jars at this point that it's more nostalgic than aesthetic anymore. Obviously, the design and presentation isn't anything to rave about, but they stay consistent and you know when you have a Lockhart's product. It's familiar.


It literally feels like a butter, and that should be obvious since the primary ingredient is shea butter. I've been using a lot of gel pomades and clay products lately, which has dried up my hair a bit. So, it's nice to use a light product again, and also, it was good to get some moisture back in there.


Super easy.


This product provides a lot of shine, but it's not beyond absurdity. For example, Layrite Super Shine is an absurd amount of shine -- straight up stupid level. But Lockhart's Hair Groom gives you as much shine as you can handle without looking ridiculous.


It's a pretty slick product. You won't be getting any stray hairs -- well, not at first at least.


Almost none. This is the point of this product. You can use it as a standalone product or in combination with certain other pomades. You can use it as topper to add shine to a strong pomade, in combination with a strong gel-pomade to slow the drying and hardening, or as a light product to give your hair a chance to reset on an off day.


You get enough control to keep your hair out of your face for a day.


The product's hold might not last the entire day, but the moisturizing aspect will. You'll notice that the Lockhart's Professional Hair Groom get kinda absorbed into your hair throughout the day. 


You can restyle it, but it's different from that what we've talked about in the past because this product had no hold to begin with.


It obviously doesn't harden. What I want to discuss in this section is its ability to affect the hardening of other products. Like many other oil-based pomades, this product can delay the hardening effect of gel-pomades significantly -- usually for more than a day. Just mix it in with any gel-pomade of your choice.


This is a useful product both as a supplement to other pomades or as a moisturizing standalone product. I intend to use it when I can over the weekends. As The Pomp, I don't really get much of a choice when it comes to what I use since I have a pomade reviewing schedule to abide by. My hair gets a beating, so this product is a welcomed addition.

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