Flagship Black Ship Pomade

Video review above or here: https://youtu.be/PiWVhfmvM3I

For the last three reviews, we've focused on the pomades that you guys are all talking about. I don't take pomade requests, but I do take notice when a pomade gets mentioned over and over across the different sites that I check. Black Ship by Flagship Pomade Company is one of those products. I didn't much of it before, but now that I've tried it out...damn. This is one hell of a product, so let's get into it.


You have to give Wade credit over at Flagship Pomade Company for being consistent with each of his labels. Also, clear labels are usually not a good choice since they never really end up applying perfectly transparent. However, he uses them extremely well here. The clear labels in combination with the clear jar works well, and this is the first time it actually appears almost clear. Overall, I like it.


If you guys remember from before with our review of The Insubmersible (Wade's other pomade), I couldn't fux with the scent at all. But, with this new pomade right here, it's a simple spearmint smell. The aroma is good but not a breakthrough of any kind. What I mean is...yes, it's a nice scent. But going with this spearmint was a really safe move. We usually like to see something new and innovative, but it's alright here...the innovation is in the product itself.


If you start hacking into the middle of the jar, then you'll probably get a thick and broken wax kind of pomade consistency. That's why I recommend just rubbing off the top layer and slowly progressing downwards. Doing this will make sure you are getting a nice and smooth feeling cream in your hands.


To all you kids who keep on mentioning the officially recommended application process, I don't care. Whether you choose to use this pomade in the way that Flagship Pomade Co. recommends or to apply it like any other product, it'll give you plenty of hold. As with some of the new heavy water-based pomades, it is a waxy product -- you'll definitely feel the grip. It ain't bad though.


The shine is a very slight notch above neutral so that would put it at a light luster.


This is what makes this pomade so exceptional. We'll discuss its awesome hold next, but in regard to the slickness, it's currently the only new water-based pomade that offers great hold without sacrificing slickness. The slickness is about equal to the slickness in a heavyweight oil-based pomade. That's really impressive.


It's about as strong as Grim Grease Medium Hold, which is basically a firm and medium-heavy hold pomade. This is more than what most people will need, but crucial for those of us with unruly or long hair.


This product ends up styling and exuding characteristics similar to Goon Grease, but without the inconveniences of an oil-based pomade. Plus, as a water-based pomade, it lacks that oil that sometimes makes things a little to sticky. This pomade is both dry and strong yet slick. This makes it an awesome pomade to deal with. 


This pomade lasts the entire day. It's strong and the slickness helps really keep everything together.


Also, because it is a slick product, it stays more malleable which make restyling easier. This pomade is relatively soft and doesn't dry up during the day. All of these characteristics make restyling a breeze and pleasure experience.


Doesn't harden up at all.


Washes out in one go with shampoo. You can't take it out with just water.


I highly recommend this pomade. It receives my seal of approval and let me repeat...I HIGHLY recommend this pomade for everyone to try out. Unless you really only need a light pomade, I think everyone should experience a great balance of hold and slickness in the form of our new homebrewed, water-based pomades. 

If you're interested, be sure to support the brewer by buying direct and saving a bit of money by using our promo code THEPOMP and check out Black Ship by Flagship Pomade Company here.