Big Slick Firm Hold Pomade

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Recently, Big Slick has been releasing a few specialty pomades and products catering to the season and for women -- all of which have still been oil-based products. At this point, we still have not seen (nor have I heard any word that would lead me to expect) any foreshadowing of a water-based pomade in the future. Instead, we see a continual release of oil-based pomades, but of course, as with any type of pomade, there is a limit to what level of diversity can be reached. Big Slick has an original hold pomade along with a heavy hold pomade. Now, we're going to look at their new firm hold pomade which is claimed to be a halfway between the medium/original and heavy.

But, the question to ask today is whether or not this pomade is actually worth being labeled as a unique product on its own. Is it something different? Or is it just like Fetty Wap's new album?

Big Slick Firm Hold Pomade Jar Open Review The Pomp ThePomp Pompadour Can


The design of the Big Slick Pomade Co. jars have not changed since we first reviewed them. This particular new product does not differ from its predecessors. It's the same exact design but now with a new lavender background and 'firm hold' designation on the bottom label. It's a very simple label design that if Big Slick will eventually need to update if and when they release a product that launches them into the big league.


Officially, it's a lemongrass based with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Without reading the official word on this pomade. I would say it smells like lemon peels. Imagine a Goon Grease scent with an extra spice tone in the back end.

Big Slick Firm Hold Pomade Jar Open Review The Pomp ThePomp Pompadour


It is smooth to scoop out -- feels like a medium. 


It is just as easy to apply as it is to scoop out. 


Actually, it has a really nice level of shine. It's a  balanced medium of shine that shows you have product in your hair but not excessive in any way.


It's a slick product despite being advertised as a firm hold pomade. Firm hold says to me that it is a strong hold, lightweight, and not a lot of slickness since that is developed by weighted grease.


Unfortunately, it is not an exceptionally strong product in any way.


Below average control due to the lack of hold and high level of greasiness.

Big Slick Firm Hold Pomade Jar Open Review The Pomp ThePomp Pompadour  Front View


The lack of strength caused the pomp to fall apart easily.


The product stays soft -- as we would expect of an oil-based pomade.


Takes two or three showers to remove completely.

Build-Up Quality

The build-up is clean and light but not waxy at all -- not a useful buildup.


Overall, this pomade reminded me a lot of Fetty Wap's latest album drop -- a continuation of what already exists. It was a bold move to release a product as a firm hold product, but it must be done with a product that backs up the move. I think we can expect reformulation in the near future. It'll be something will even more wax and  true fit to the firm hold name.

If you want to try this product out for yourself, you can check it out here. Feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP to save 15% off your order with Big Slick.