Admiral Matte Clay

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I wasn't planning to ever review this product, but I stumbled on a pretty optimal time to try it out. Harrison happened to have some on-hand and with the recent haircut, my haircut is at a relatively short length. So, I figured why not?

The Admiral line of hair products consists of a strong hold gel-pomade, a medium-hold fiber pomade, and a light-hold matte clay. We've looked at the two first products, but now we'll look at their most recent addition.


The design work is consistent across the entire line of Admiral products. All of which embody a very clean and minimal feel. 


The scent of the Matte Clay is much better than the other Admiral products. It's not that the others were bad, but rather, the smell of this one is exceptional. Unlike the coconut aroma of the other products, this one has very clean and cologne-like fragrance. It's pretty fucking awesome while not being overbearing.


The pomade initially appears a lot like Anchors Teddy Boy Matte, but once you touch it. Admiral Matte Clay feels a little more brittle or at least, it's as though you let Teddy Boy Matte air dry for a little bit. 


However, once you begin to agitate it in your palms, it turns into a nice cream and applied to your hair like one. I mean, this is a light hold pomade. Anything above being super easy to apply is not acceptable.


The shine of the product is a good touch above neutral, but it never appears artificial. That's the cool part. It adds a little shine, but it all appears natural.


It's a light hold pomade, but if your hair isn't super long (as was my case after the haircut), then you can actually get some serious volume. You can see this in the volume before I began to finger-comb it all. 


For a clay pomade, it's important to balance between hold and texture. Too much hold relative to texture and it ends up like a normal pomade. Too much texture relative to hold and it becomes almost impossible to style with. This product has little hold and little texture. It not how a clay product normally works, but it's fine here. 


It's interesting. It's obviously not your traditional type of control since this is a clay product. However, as long as you're not expecting some insane level of control and remember that this is a light hold pomade, you'll know how to work with it.


This is a light hold pomade, so we kinda already knew where this was going. Plus, it's a clay product. What you'll get is a pomp that lasts up to 3-4 hours. Given non-ideal environment, you can expect that time span to drop dramatically. However, this is what this product is intended. It's not meant to glue you hair into place, and who wants hair to be as stiff as yo dique?


Super easy. Unlike the other clay products that come from salon or gel-pomade labels such as Hanz de Fuko or JS Sloane, this clay pomade doesn't dry up like a gel. It maintains its malleability and will always allow you to come back in to work with it.


Doesn't dry up at all. Even the Lockhart's Matte Clay hardens up to some extent. Layrite Cement Clay, JS Sloane Caviar Clay, and HdF Claymation all harden up like a gel -- that's pretty shitty. Admiral Matte Clay stays soft.


Rinses in one go.


All in all, Admiral Matte Clay receives my seal of approval due to its unique characteristics and the amazing price point. It's not the best clay on the market; however, it's one of the best (of few) lightweight clay pomades. It provides nice hold, control, and texture -- all of which is contained within a refined package of fragrance and design. I would highly recommend it as a product to try, and especially, if you're new to clays.

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