Grim Grease Water Based Medium Hold

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It's not often, but every once in a while, a pomade pops up and picks up a lot of momentum in the community. I have a schedule to abide by, but it's impossible to ignore these handful of pomades. Grim Grease Water Based is one of these pomades.

Francisco of Grim Grease is a relatively new homebrewer, or at least, he is one of the newest names that we expect to see grow. There have been non-drying water-based pomades like Anchors Teddy Boy Original, but Grim Grease followed after O'Douds Water Based and Shear Revival Crystal Lake. He's helped to prove that super strong water-based pomades are possible and they do not need to dry up like gel-pomades such as Suavecito or Layrite.


This is a newer revision of the labels. I know there was an one before this, and I've heard there will might be a new one in the near future. Either way, the labels embody a retro feel to them and are only based on fonts and embellishments. It's a nice and simple design, but what's surprisingly is now nice his clear labels are. Most other clear labels end up with a lot of bubbling and look sloppy. His somehow don't.


The jar on the left is the Cologne scent, and I believe the one on the right is their Green Tea scent. Both are very nice aromas. Though it can obviously never match a real cologne, its smell is still very pleasing and smooth. It reminds me a lot of Suavecito, but without the harsh hit on the back end of the aroma. The green tea smell is a floral and fresh kind of smell. I would describe it as a straight green tea, but then that brings up on the possibility that this actually isn't green tea, and its actually their lemon scent. My nose hasn't been picking up citrus scents well lately for some reason.


This pomades looks and feels a lot like a mix between the O'Douds Water Based and The Based Pomade, but breaking it down is mostly like the first release of the O'Douds Water Based. It'll take a while to get accustomed  and work to break down the products. Same advise as with the other water based pomades like this one, take small scoops and break down with quick and fluid shuffling hands.


Though this is a super waxy pomade, the application is rough but not bad at all. It's definitely a firm hold pomade, but the weight falls between a medium or heavy. You'll feel the grip of the product, but a few minutes in, you'll feel the pomade really soften up. 


This pomade gives you a few notches above neutral which puts the shine of this pomade at  a luster of some sorts. Right where I prefer it.


I wouldn't describe this pomade as slick, but the thing is that you likely won't get any stray hairs with Grim Grease Water Based. You might get some later while restyling, but this shit is still pretty clean. It doesn't take much of this product to put your hair where you want it.


This shit is strong, and its crazy to think that Grim Grease Medium Hold still has another even stronger brother. It is a strong and firm hold. There's no effing doubt about it. Also, the hold is diluted or altered by the presence of petroleum. 


Because the hold is so firm and the lack of petroleum, the pomade is essentially all pliable hold. It is also a very dry product which makes this a versatile kind of hold -- one that can be use for the classic pomp or a more textured and loose pomp.


It's literally been months since I've used a pomade that keeps my pomp going all day. Grim Grease does that and I'm sure it can keep going on and on. But though it's so damn strong, it's not past the point of being a discomforting about of strength.


It's not optimal, but it's possible. It was better than trying to do this with a gel-pomade. However, with all this wax, that shit settles which makes it difficult to restyle. It's mostly due to the much lower amounts of oil or at least, due to their smaller presence, there isn't a long-lasting slickness to it all. 


This happens with many of the new water-based pomades nowadays, but to a further extent with Grim Grease Water Based. The large content of wax makes this pomade settle a lot. I definitely wouldn't say to the extent of a gel-pomade, but it does harden. This is partly what allows this product's hold to last all day long.


It washes all out with shampoo, but the last 10% won't if you applied too much product.


It's impossible to deny it. Some may call it a barbarically simple product, and in all honesty, it is. However, the performance one attains from this pomade is absolutely extraordinary yet fundamental. It receives my seal of approval for providing the user with such a strong hold while still providing the conveniences of a water-based pomade. I think this is a pomade everyone should definitely try out if they've been frustrated with a lack of hold in today's current line of products. Of course, to make it easy for you all, we've obtained a promo code for you all to save 15% on your order.

The promo code THEPOMP works on both his Etsy and Big Cartel website. You can check out all of Francisco's work here, but yeah...I highly recommend checking the Water Based Medium Hold our for yourself.