Grim Grease Water Based Heavy Hold

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Today, we'll be continuing along the water-based line of products by Grim Grease. Just a note. Unless you're reading this review after next week, this review is a preview before the actually pomade is available for purchase. The expected release date is Thursday, September 17th.

I thought the Grim Grease Water Based Medium Hold was already strong enough, but I guess Francisco and the rest of his fans want even more. So now, we have Grim Grease Water Based Heavy Hold and let's take a look at it.


The style is the same as the medium hold, but we should take into account that there's likely to be new labels for the actual jars to be released. We can tell because it still has the 4 oz. designation, but just as with the medium hold pomade jars, Francisco's clear labels are clean as fuhhh and extremely well applied. These smalls things are representative of how much the brewers cares and pays attention to details.


I refrained from asking Francisco what was the intended scent in the indigo-colored jar because I literally have no idea what it is. I like it, but I can't figure out what it is. The smell is slightly sweet and fresh, but there's a smokiness that presents itself late in the aroma. Then, the pink-colored jar is definitely a strawberry milkshake. It's a sweet but smooth smell. You all know I'm not a fan of novelty scents at all, but it's been so long since I've used a sweet smelling product.


The heavy hold is almost just like the medium hold version with the exception that it's a little more grippy and dry. You'll notice it while you're trying to break it down. However, because there's more wax and less other stuff, the pomade smears a lot more easily in your hands. 


Applying it to your hair is discomforting, but far from impossible. Like the Grim Grease Water Based Medium Hold, it's a very waxy pomade which really grips on your hair. It's still chill to work with though.


Half a notch above neutral. It's a really light luster.


I guess this would be the one downside of this pomade along with the rest of the Grim Grease Water Based line. It's a trade off when you really up the strength and hold with wax. It's actually not bad at all, and you likely won't get any stray hairs. The issue is that your hairs won't stick together, which means you'll have to consciously craft your hair into a structurally-sound pomp.


Super strong. This is probably the highest strength-to-weight ratio we've ever seen with these new water-based pomades -- for now at least.


The control is impressive, and the only thing that can improve this would be to provide it with a little slickness. That would help to keep the pomp together into a centered pomp rather than spreading into a square-shaped plateau-pomp. HOWEVER! The dryness of this pomade also allows the for texture, looseness, and most importantly, versatility. 


This pomade will last the whole day. If the medium hold can last all day, then it should be pretty obvious that this one can as well. I've tested in various configurations this week, and I haven't seen it fail in any situation. 


If it is a warm day, this pomade will literally stay strong and malleable all day. Unlike other gel-pomades or certain water-based pomades, it doesn't evaporate. In a cold environment, the pomade settles and hardens up to some extent. You can still restyle it.


The wax settles, but it doesn't harden up like a gel-pomade.


Washes out completely with shampoo, but if you apply too much, then there will be some waxy buildup. 


The Grim Grease Water Based Heavy Hold pomade receives my seal of approval due to its amazing strength-to-weight ratio. As of right now, it is definitely the strongest water-based pomade that doesn't dry. Not everyone needs this level of hold, but if you do, then I highly recommend this pomade.

It will not be available until September 17th. You can check it out here once it release, or in the meantime, just look at the rest of his store. You should try out Grim Grease Water Based Medium Hold in the meantime.