Flagship | Medium Hold

Before school starts up again on Monday, I wanted to take the time to review the last of my immediate collection of Flagship products. Today, we'll be looking at one of their original products which is the Flagship Medium Hold. It's an oil-based pomade that flaunts being vegan and all-natural.


Officially, the scent is advertised to be a citrus cologne, and I agree with that. The citrus component has a little bit to it in the same way that the peel has a bitter bite. That meshes in with the cologne bite that we commonly see with many homebrewers who limit themselves to essential oils (versus fragrance oils). The scent then takes a steep dive to neutral.


Like I mentioned in the latest Flagship reviews, the movement towards matte vinyl labels was a great choice. This looks a lot better than before and even the Black Ship looks better.


Similar to the Steel Horse, the Flagship has a very stiff feel. But unlike the Steel Horse, it eases up a bit after you break through the top surface. Though a hassle now, you'll be grateful later on.


The product breaks down into a smooth paste. Though it's still greasy, it's drier in comparison to Steel Horse and many other oil-based pomades. Spreading it into your hair isn't an issue by any means -- pretty standard.


I would say this pomade is only about a notch above neutral.


It's a pretty slick pomade that isn't based on its stickiness like Steel Horse or some of the other thick oil-based pomades. It's a clean slick.


Definitely a solid medium. Not medium-light and not medium-firm. A straight medium. However, the weight of this pomade was pretty significant and in a way, outweighed the strength of this pomade. As you can see in the photo, my pomp fails to form towards a pseduo-point at the center and instead, plateaus out. 


The control is good, or rather, it is adequate. 


What else would you expect from a medium hold, oil-based pomade? It'll survive for the first few hours assuming you don't do anything crazy, but you will have to restyle from then onwards. It won't be impervious against wind, rain, or any physical activity.


Easy to restyle in regard to being able to manage it. However, the weight really begins to make its presence known throughout the day. This causes the pomp to sag slightly and prevents you from fully utilizing its strength.


Much less than I expected. It didn't make me feel as greasy and what not.


Same as Steel Horse. It took me two solid showers to remove it, but I would expect you guys to take about 3-4 showers.

Build-up Quality

A light build-up. It'll clump up your hair more than provide you with extra volume.


Honestly, there comes a time as a reviewer that I have to say, "After reviewing and using over 200 different hair pomades with over a 100 of which were oil-based, there are at least twenty other pomades like this one." So, with Flagship Medium Hold, the question that arrives to the potential buyer is whether you like the price, scent, and wish to support the brewer. The price is a bargain and even more so with our promo code. The scent is actually pretty legit, and Wade (the brewer) may not be at the forefront of this market, but he's made pomades that have came late but rank very far from last (i.e. Black Ship). If you're looking for a standard medium hold, oil-based pomade and you'd prefer it to be on the cleaner side, then Flagship Medium Hold is a good option.

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