Flagship | The Insubmersible

When we first took a look at The Insubmersible by Flagship Pomade Company, I found the scent of the pomade to be unbearable and the performance to only be adequate. However, now with the new formula, the scent is much better and the performance blew my mind. It's moved from a sticky and oily paste to a beautifully dry and slick water-based cream.


The labels and jars for Flagship are an improvement. I think switching to vinyl labels on amber glass jars is a good choice. It's far from unique, but there's a good reason why it's such a popular choice.


With the original The Insubmersible, the smell was like old oil-based paints -- a nasty organic rot type of scent. However, with this new formula, the scent is good. The cloves are more in the background and an herbalness comes to the forefront.


Instead of a sticky wet paste, this one is like a halfway between the latest formula of O'Douds Water Based and the old formula of Shear Revival Crystal Lake. This relationship is representative of more than just the consistency. It also strongly applies to the performance as we'll discuss later. 


There is no issue with breaking the product down, and also, applying it is an absolute no-brainer. Also, once it gets in your hair, it stays smooth and dry. Awesome.


Half a notch above neutral.


For such a dry pomade, it is almost as slick as Crystal Lake. It keeps everything together well and makes styling a breeze.


The hold is a good medium with a weight that lies between medium and light.


This all ties into a pomade that works extremely well -- so far better than the original that I can barely believe they're even related.


Not perfect but very good. The best aspect of its endurance lies its ability to hold onto its strength and volume.


This pomade restyles remarkably better than many other water-based pomades we've seen. Primarily this ability to still provide volume late into the day is something to note.


Does not dry or harden at all.


Surprisingly very clean for the high oil content.


Washes out in one go WITH shampoo.


The Insubmersible by Flagship Pomade Company is a phenomenal pomade and easily receives my seal of approval. It is a balance between the newest formula of O'Douds Water Based and the original Shear Revival Crystal Lake.  Those are two already remarkable pomades, but The Insubmersible provides the the great styling of O'Douds WB while offering the slickness of Crystal Lake without the greasiness. I would HIGHLY recommend trying this pomade out.

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