On Being The Pomp

Being The Pomp has been very interesting to say the least. Never in my life, before I created this internet persona, would I have guessed that hair and pomade would be the thing I'm known for. At least, enough to walk around and meet a viewer/reader/follower about once every two weeks or so. And to some extent, it's kinda disappointing for me. I don't regret any of it and have no intentions of cutting this short, but I want and do more than this. 

I am a mechanical engineering in the Robonaut 2 Lab at the NASA Johnson Space Center. I've designed and sent multiple components to space -- all of which are still on the International Space Station. I attended Stanford as an undergraduate studying art and mechanical engineering as independent disciplines and relied on my own competence to tie them together in my work. I'm now a graduate student at Stanford in the Mechanical Engineering Department focusing on Mechatronics. It's not that I think I deserve for attention for my engineering-related accomplishments. It's more that I wonder if I should be investing more or rather, all my time into my career and future as a mechanical engineer. The potential is there, and the future is bright -- very fucking bright. 

But at the same time, I remember that I, James Bui, have never shined by being a one-hit wonder. I am a Jack of All Trades. Business. Image. Design. The Cool. Engineering. Robotics. I am the best of none, but no one is better at all of these.

By far the most fascinating thing I've witnessed as The Pomp is the sheer amount of hate I can conjure up by simply talking about hair products. For the most part, it's pure entertainment for me. However, after some time, you start to wonder whether anyone's even listening anymore.

But then, it's times like this that you get reminded that it's all worthwhile. In the years of being The Pomp, I developed many friendships with brewers, CEOs, and miscellaneous people in the world of hair products. These friends are the same people for which I created The Pomp. The goal at the beginning is still the same one today. I'm here to promote homebrewers and introduce an alternative perspective to men's hair. So, it's always good to see things pan out for the people I help. And in turn, they randomly check in with me at times to see how things are going. Holiday wishes around the seasons. And surprise gifts like this jumbo jar of Crystal Lake. These things make it all worthwhile.

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