BluMaan | Original

Outside this community, there's been a good amount of hype built around this product. We haven't seen much of it in our circles because that crowd doesn't come around here (thank you sweet Baby Jesus). But, you can trust that many have been waiting and wondering about this product right here and courtesy of Tadashi over at HedgeLion, we'll be reviewing it.

Full transparency, I actually helped out with the development of this product but primarily on the side of marketing it. No matter how good a product is in any market, a bad image and marketing plan can prematurely sink it. So, it's good to see it finally coming to the market. This is Original by BluMaan.


In comparison to the first image they released on the Original, this design is much better, and overall, it's not bad at all. However, I have a person rule that is the quantity is above ~1000 (and it's way above that in this case), then the design needs to be printed directly onto the jar. Saves money in some cases and also looks a lot better. 

The product comes in a gloss black plastic 2.5 oz. jar with adhesive labels. The big thing for me is the change in font choices -- much better than the initial design.




It feels like a super grippy toothpaste. Like, Anchors water-based pomades are exactly like a creamy toothpaste, but the Original is more akin to a mix of toothpaste and Elmer's glue.


So, according to the jar and other people who have used this product, there are two instances when you're applying product. Before and after you blow dry and style your hair. So because I don't blow dry, what we'll do instead is apply and style lightly. Then go eat breakfast and allow the product to set in and harden a bit. After, we'll come back in with a little more product to apply and set it all in. We essentially split the application quantity into two, and it's the second that really provides the hold. 


Slightly more matte than neutral. 


During the second application process, all the good characteristics come out. The texture you get with the Original is really nice but different from what we get from a clay. The product sets into a shape rather than providing a flexible hold as a pomade would. This gives it a different kind of texture both physically and visually.


Lots of strength as you'll see in the photo. It can be a bit harsh though because of how grippy the product is.


This all ties into the control of the product and makes it pretty decent. I feel the need to warn you though that the product can settle pretty fast, so styling with damp hair is necessary and use water to reactivate. Making a video review while styling doesn't make this process any easier.


Like a gel-pomade, using the Original in the way that we have really sets it in hard. It's not going to move around much unless you sweating it out or headbanging to death metal. 


This hardening effect makes it difficult to restyle, but relative to a gel-pomade, it's actually not bad at all. When the product dries and is broken, it doesn't puff out. It stays in the hair but remains inactive in a way. Add some water and you can get back that nice texture.


It hardens. It doesn't stay malleable like the pomades we usually see here on The Pomp.


Easily washes out in one go.


I don't disagree with the mentality behind creating the Original. The current selection offer to the salon market and promoted on YouTube is straight up trash covered with damn good marketing. And if you could speak to some of those label's owners, you'd be absolutely fascinated by how outdated their mindset is. It's not that I think the Original is perfect. Nah. But it is a welcome challenge to the status quo. And no doubt it, I like the loose pomp that it can offer me.

It's now available for purchase, so check it out here!