The Approved List Explained

The Approved List Explained

Let us begin by addressing the most immediate issue.

P R O D U C T   C O S T

Some of you have noticed that our prices are higher than that of the brewer's, and while this is correct, you should acknowledge that our final price is still lower. We offer free shipping on all of our products which allows us to offer a lower final price than the actual brewers after shipping. Honestly, I had hope that everyone would be able to figure this one out on their own. However, as proven by some reactions, it seems there was a small minority who couldn't even figure out this small issue. 

W H Y   D O   W E   N E E D   A N O T H E R   R E T A I L   S T O R E ?

You don't NEED another online pomade store. You don't actually NEED pomade in your life. Rarely do we ever need anything, but there's a lot of things we want. Over the many years of doing this whole The Pomp thing, I've been watching to see what you guys have asked for and what you've been looking for. In other words, I've been learning what it is that you WANT. 

On the surface, The Approved List is just another online shop that sells pomade and matches the lowest price on the internet with free shipping. The price you see is the price you pay, and there's no need to look elsewhere for a lower price because our readers will contact us whenever they find a lower final price. Then underneath, The Approved List is a new way to interpret online retailing. Using back-end automation and workflow streamlining, we've figured out a way to cut out unnecessary third-party costs and adapt our store to a pre-existing system. This also includes the cost of carrying unnecessary or unwanted items. We only offer a fraction of what other have, so if you actually are looking for random pomades, then other retailers may be a better choice.

This has allowed us to minimize unnecessary spending and eliminate almost all need for human involvement at our end of the workflow. All of this reduces business expenses, and therefore, it allows us to charge you a lower price while offering premium wholesale rates to the homebrewers. We promise our homebrewers to not only match their wholesale rates but to also pay them even more on top of it. We consider it as one of the many ways we give back and invest in the pomade community that has grown. This additional money adds up very quickly and helps to grow their small businesses.

H O W   C A N   Y O U   D O   T H I S ?

Honestly, a lack of respect and internal obligation to support a pre-established system. Yes, this new model cuts deeply into our profit margins and especially so since we operate on such a small scale. But eh, it's not a big deal to me. This isn't a primary source of income for me. As you already know, I'm currently a grad student at Stanford, so the main reason for all this is to help pay for college. I have much larger and greater dreams to accomplish in the world once I graduate, and they definitely have nothing to do with pomade. 

A D V A N T A G E S    O F   O U R   S H O P

First and foremost, you are offered the lowest price that we found on the internet. This includes the price you would receive from the brewer (after shipping costs) with our promo code. So, if you're interested in just buying an individual product or simply grabbing on the best from each brewer, then this is the way to go. However, if you'd like to make purchases of multiple products from a brewer and the items are not offered in our store, then the promo codes will still be a better option.

Imagine ordering from us as being almost identical to ordering directly from the brewer in regards to what you receive. Unlike other retailers who keep their stock in their office or a warehouse, we do not keep a stock and can offer the latest formula whenever a brewer decides to reformulate. In this niche market where our brewers are constantly improving and changing their products, we're the only ones (outside buying direct from the brewers) that can offer you only latest products. 

Lastly, we want to simplify your experience. At this point, this blog and the amount of information it has can often be a complete mindfuck. To circumvent this, you can think of The Approved List as a select list of products within the approved pomades. What I mean is the range of products we offer is even more select than the much larger range of products that received our Seal of Approval. The products available for purchase have not only been approved by The Pomp, but also, we have watched and listened to your experiences with the product. Once we deem it to be up to our standards, we contact the brewer and set up the connect. We are your Plug.