O'Douds | Water Based Pomade

It's something unique to this homebrewer market. Products are constantly changing and being improved by the brewers. O'Douds has been the most innovative brewer for some time, which means we have to do a better job keep up-to-date with his products. I've been using this pomade for some time now, but to welcome it as our latest addition to The Approved List, we'll review the latest formulation of O'Douds Water Based Pomade.


The entire line of O'Douds products was revamped. The last design was strongly focused on typefaces and font work; however, this one is a little more cohesive. It pays homage to their focus on all-natural products and consistency across the line. O'Douds keeps to its 4 oz. amber glass jar and overall, it's beautiful.


I don't know. Ever since I've owned Mountain Dewds by O'Douds, I feel like I can't not smell a pomade and think it smells similar. I mean this is a good way. The scent of this pomade seems to be a lil more citrus. It has more movement than the original which was straight herbal. 


The consistency of the pomade has become a lot smoother. Also, the breakdown has become almost effortless. This was a huge complaint by many with the original formula, but now, your hand MIGHT slip once but after that, it breaks down completely. Night and day difference.


Application is still very easy. 


Only a quarter notch above neutral. I feel like it has slightly less shine than the original formula. I'm all good with that. Makes it more versatile for different types of hairstyle, and for me, my hair's natural sheen is already enough.


It's more pasty than slick or sticky. This product is drier in comparison to its original formula. That one was very wet which was where it derived its slickness from. This one is different but not worse in any way.


Unlike other pomades but like The Based Pomade, the strength isn't as strongly related to the amount of product apply as you'd think. As you apply more product, you see a transition from texture to slick. I would describe this pomade as a medium hold, but honestly, it's still too weird. I feel bad generalizing it as a medium hold product.


The control is awesome. It's not only that you can put your hair wherever you want. But also, you can put it however you want as well. Loose, slick, in-between. Whatever.


Though you pomp may not last the whole day, the endurance of this actual pomade in regard to being able to offer a comparable level styling throughout the day to in the morning. The pictures you see are a result of restyling -- more than 8 hours later.


Awesome. Straight up awesome.


Not at all. 


Another big change is here. Washes out in one go.


Just as the original formula received my Seal of Approval, this new and improved version also receives the Seal of Approval. I mean, even beyond that, it is our latest addition to The Approved List, which is the most selective store of pomades. This pomade is well qualified in every regard, but its strongest characteristic is its versatility. Its adaptable to any situation and that makes it a winner in every situation.

If you're interested in trying it out, our store will be your cheapest option. However, if you intend to also try out other O'Douds pomades or accessories, then the buying direct from O'Douds with our promo code THEPOMP we provide would be your best choice. Either way, getting your hands on this pomade is the right choice.