Layrite | Cement Clay

Layrite | Cement Clay

Even before this review, you've actually seen Layrite Cement Clay in action many times. In almost every single video with /Paradox/, mine and Harrison's hair was styled with this product. But now, you'll see it's full potential utilized in my hands.

Layrite Cement Clay has been on the market for quite some time now. It's advertised as a product that provides crazy strong hold, controlled texture, and all with that trademark Layrite washes-out-like-a-gel thing. Yet, the weird thing is that I'm skimming through the ingredients and can't find where the clay is. Maybe it's hidden under some fancy chemistry nomenclature, but I don't see it. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this product has the characteristics of a clay.


Once upon a time, Layrite had jars like any other gel-pomade label. It's that smooth and white plastic jar with vinyl sticker labels. But now, Layrite has finally decided to upgrade the design of their jars to the higher level of their product quality. This is probably one of the best examples of good design work. Many companies have changed their jars, but few have improved their jars.

These new jars now have a satin-finished with a gold-tone lid. The label is also now textured and the print quality increased beautifully. No joke. The new jars are beautiful.


The aroma is that classic Layrite vanilla kind of smell. 


Despite being a super strong product (we'll talk more about that later), it still scoops out like a thick paste. You also won't feel the grittiness you normally recognize with any other clay. This is because, as far as I can tell, there is no clay in Layrite Cement Clay. Instead, you'll feel a grip that's all due to the different kinds of wax in it.


You'll definitely notice the grip but I don't think this product can be described as impossible to apply by any definition. The ease of applying it and combing it is very surprising when considering how much fucking strength it provides. 


Neutral. You can argue that it's slightly matte, but I'd still say it's neutral.


As much as I would like it to not be true, Layrite has created a product that doesn't even have clay, yet it provides just as good (if not better) texture than many other clays on the market. How they often work is by having the clay dry out the wet aspects of the wax and oils. This allows the strength to be unweighted and hairs allowed to separate. Somehow, Layrite found a way to dry out the wax in the pomade without clay and make a fine product.


The strength of this pomade is exceptional. Even in comparison to other gel-pomades like Suavecito Firme and their own Super Hold or other clays like my Prelude or Lockhart's Matte Clay. The hold is very strong and the weight is very light. 


The control is fine -- very fine. Both in regards to the volume you get and the aesthetic of the texture. Just take a look at the photos.


Today, we really put it to the test. Went to the beach, ran with Luna, and got hit with that good San Francisco 25+ MPH wind. Nothing can survive that kind of day, and I won't lie to you. Layrite Cement Clay is no miracle product. Nevertheless, it put up one hell of a fight, stayed aesthetic the entire day, and remained remarkably easy to restyle.


Unlike the rest of their line, the high wax content does a good job of keeping everything together. Even if you gotta break everything apart by re-combing dry, the wax keeps it all together and restyling is possible.


Can be washed out with just water -- that's what you can always expect from Layrite.


It doesn't dry like a gel, but it does stiffen up noticeably. You can soften it up with a simple touch and rework.


When I first tried out Layrite Cement Clay, I was like what the hell is this. It felt too strong -- too brutal. But quickly during the second and third try, I was immediately like this is mmmaaahhh shit. This product undoubtedly has my seal of approval. Not only is it remarkable for its ability to create an amazing clay effect without having clay -- it does it better than most others out there. There are very few pomades out there that I have chosen to wear on special days, and I chose Layrite Cement Clay for my brother's wedding day. It was the only one I could trust.

I would highly recommend trying Layrite Cement Clay.