Layrite | Grooming Spray

Layrite | Grooming Spray

This week, I decided to switch things up because I finally found the first spray to be worthy of showcasing to you all. Do note that this is distinctively different from other products like hair tonics or hair spray. Unlike the others, I don't use it as a standalone styling product nor do I use it a refresher for another product. 

Today, we'll be looking at Layrite Grooming Spray as a pomade primer. Throw this on and let it dry before you apply pomade, and you'll find the pomade you're using to be more effective than ever before.


Beautiful and along the same lines at their other recent updates to the jars. The original was your standard amber-tinted plastic bottle, but this time, they moved to a opaque cream HDPE with satin finish. As you'll see in the next photo, it gives the bottle a diffused gleaming effect. The label was also improved immensely. Overall, it the most beautiful product in their updated lineup.


It's that classic Layrite vanilla.


Just spray it and comb back you hair into approximately the position it will be styled into. You can essentially simulate styling your hair but don't expect it to actually be styled in any way. You're just getting everything accustomed to being in the right form. Then, simply let it dry in whatever way you want -- air dry or blow dry. That'll leave behind the magic that will act as a primer.


You'll primarily notice an increase in grip and hold from whatever pomade you apply. It's not going to make hold from nothing, but it will allow you to take advantage of whatever hold the primary product can provide. In this review, I'll use Layrite Natural Matte Cream as my primary styling product. It's a very lightweight product with medium hold. However, this hold is very difficult to take advantage of, so this grooming spray helps to make sure the hold is available to you. 


By helping to prime your hair for the product, it helps to solidify the product's grip to your hair and the strength that becomes available to you for use. This is best exemplified in a product that is very lightweight and with just enough hold. The spray will make sure the weight is still very light and any existing hold is available.


This obviously helps a little with how the product performs throughout the day and stands up to the environment. It's a direct result of the increased strength.


The cool thing is that restyling is made a little easier without water. I mean, sure, you can spray some more to set things back in. But, the notable thing is that I feel like the grooming spray helped to keep the product from puffing out. This then keeps it in and let's you style with it.


Washes out with just water.


I've used a few grooming sprays over the past year and even more have been used on me by barbers (they've become a favorable tool in the barber arsenal). Layrite Grooming Spray is the only one that I use in the personal life and almost on a daily basis. That's why it receives my seal of approval. It adds little complication to my daily schedule without significant improvement to my styling process.