Red House | Haunted House

Today, we'll be looking at a special limited edition pomade for the Halloween season by Red House. The Haunted House pomade is advertised to be a special blend between their original water based (a medium) and Private Reserve which was a strong hold. I interpret that to mean a halfway point between the two, but either way, you should be excited about this one.


The look of the jar is consistent with the original Red House water based pomade, but at the same time, it is a play on the name. Haunted House is a Halloween-themed product. However, unlike many others, it retains a clean design. It's nice.


Caramel. Caramel everywhere.


Before you even put it in your hair, it already feels like something between the original water based and the Private Reserve. It's on the thick side compared to other water-based pomade on the market. I guess it's most comparable to the consistency of the new Crystal Lake by Shear Revival.


It also feels a lot like Crystal Lake when you apply it (but do note that it doesn't perform similarly at all). You'll feel the grip of the wax, but it's not overbearing -- just be aware of it.


Neutral. No shine. No matte effect.


It's still a pretty slick product. It's not as slick as Crystal Lake or the original Red House water-based pomade, yet it's got more slick to it then Black Ship. This product will do a good some to keep all your strays together. At the same time, you might even get away with styling in some texture. It's NOTHING like a clay, but I like the aesthetic. It can.


The hold is in a good and balanced spot -- especially for me. It's strong enough for almost any day and weak enough to be fucked up on a bad day. This sounds weird, but it's actually crucial because that means it's giving you only enough to work with. For instance, I rushed using it earlier this week with wet hair and it just didn't work anywhere as well. But then, when I gave it a little more attention, it was amazing.


This all made it a pleasure to use.


Through a normal day of business -- no running or excessive sweating -- it'll survive without any problems.  But I decided to take it to the gym a few times this week. It obviously won't survive without flaw, but it does keep the general form. Even if it doesn't, there is a sense of aesthetic in its messy form.


Restyling is easy. You'll lose volume like any other pomade, but you can get form back.




Nope again.


It washes out the first time, but in consecutive uses, it may feel as though there is build-up forming.


As a product that is well-balanced, this pomade receives my seal of approval. If you only have the Red House Water Based Pomade, then I'd recommend getting your hands on this one. If you already have the Private Reserve though, then it's up to you whether you need something a little lighter. But if you have none, then I would highly recommend considering this one. It's a limited edition for the Halloween season, so make up your mind soon.

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