Layrite | Natural Matte Cream

Layrite | Natural Matte Cream

Today, we'll be wrapping up the immediate set of reviews we're conducting on Layrite with their Natural Matte Cream. Since this blog went comm-blackout this summer, I couldn't share this product with you all earlier. This has been my choice hair styling product throughout the entire summer.


Same thing as what I said with the other Layrite products. The new packaging is absolutely beautiful. Textured finish to diffuse the light, almost no visible fabrication marks, thin and flexible lid, and additionally coarse textured label to further diffuse light across the label. In short, the new jars and bottles are very sexy.


The scent is the classic Layrite vanilla scent.


It feels like a light lotion -- no joke. 


This reminds me of what we saw with BluMaan Original and other texturizing creams where it goes in like a lotion but then grips real quick.


It's a notch down from neutral, which means it's slightly matte.


The texture provided by this product is similar and different from what we usually refer to as a clay pomade. It's texture derives from separation by dryness but unlike a clay, it doesn't have the opposing (and balancing) stickiness. The stickiness, in a clay, really optimizes the texture in a controllable way. This one feels like a brittle clay.


The hold is very impressive and especially with such a light weight and clean feel. It's a solid medium.


The combination of all these performance characteristics make a product that has a lot of potential but can only be utilized by someone with skill and familiarity with their hair. 


At the sacrifice of keeping a product lightweight, endurance and resilience is usually the aspect that is given up. We put this product through the ultimate test today, and it obviously didn't survive without falling apart. The photos below are it restyled.


You'll want access to water to restyle and reactivate the product.


This product did harden -- not to the extent of a gel-pomade but it undeniably stiffens up.


Washes out with water.


Layrite Natual Matte Cream receives my seal of approval and even more impressive is that it can say it was a choice product for me this summer. I appreciate it for its lightness and ability to provide texture without density. If the texture of Cement Clay is something you're looking for, but you only need the hold of something more along the lines of the Supershine Cream. This is one product you should definitely look into.