Cellar Door | Statement of Purpose

C E L L A R   D O O R

In March, I reached out to Zachary West of Shear Revival in order to make an attempt at taking two opposites -- a greasy and resilient oil-based with a gritty and textured clay -- and combining them into a versatile and refined oil-based clay pomade.

Every single homebrewer adds his or her own unique flavor to our community through the pomades they cook. Zachary doesn't only have an amazing ability to make slick water-based pomades. People often overlook the uniqueness in his oil-based pomades. In a time when a significant portion of the market has begun to move away from greases, Zachary offers a line of oil-based pomades that are abnormally clean and dry. This makes his work a prime foundation on which to build a phenomenal clay pomade.

Nevertheless, this was a challenge to accomplish. 

This famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that ‘cellar door’ is the most beautiful.
— Karen Pommeroy

Like the name, we wanted to take something mundane and show the world how beautiful it can be. We didn't take nine months to make this a reality because we were twiddling our thumbs or flipping through scents. The process took this long because it was so damn hard to find a happy medium between the grease and clay. Too little clay and the oils would dominate completely. Too little oils and the clay would work with the wax to make the pomade rock hard. 

We've only now found a formula we could both be pleased with. Something that carries a piece of the strength and resilience of Music or Misery, the smooth yet sturdy consistency of Crystal Lake, and a newfound presence of clay to add some grit to the mix.

T H E   M O T I F

There has always been a consistent theme to all of our collaborations, and it's more than doing something new. It's making something I would use myself.

As many of you who have continued to frequent this blog, lifting has become an important part of my lifestyle and so, finding a gym pomade has become relevant for me. At first, something like Layrite Cement Clay seemed to be a good choice. Strong enough to survive. Matte enough to feel clean. And water-based to make it convenient to wash out. However, the issue is the excessive strength makes it painful to restyle -- especially if I'm just trying to finger-comb it back mid-workout. Being water-based makes it give out with even the slightest sweat. The only strong point remains that the clay keeps it clean and dry.

So, a personal side-objective of mine was to make something a little more gym-friendly. Honestly, I wasn't pushing it because I just thought it wasn't really possible. However, I'm happy (and very surprised) to say that we've created something that somehow ended up hitting all my needs. The oil-based foundation makes it resistant to water and keeps it soft for restyling. The clay keeps it clean and dry. And we are able to provide a firm hold that is intuitive and balanced.

Cellar Door is a daily driver for me.


We just now finalized the formula, and so, it's time to wrap it in some beautiful packaging. We're hoping to release it to you all before the holidays. Of course, we'll keep everyone posted with any and all updates.

Also, I wanted to mention. When Zachary says he's doing limited quantities -- he really means that he's doing limited quantities (and no lie...it's almost half the quantity I usually release with collabs). From our conversations, he's been pretty adamant that once everything sells out -- it is sold out forever. Just wanted to let you guys know.