Flagship | Dead Seas Clay

Flagship | Dead Seas Clay

After having my last package of Dead Seas Clay stolen out of my parcel locker, I finally had it now in my hands and no joke -- it's been worth the wait. This new product has been Flagship's first clay addition to their line. It's not something to be overlooked nor overshadowed by our collaboration, Prelude. It is a unique product that fits its own position in our need.


Over the past year, the entire line's design has become not only better individually, but they also fit together now. It's a vinyl label on a four ounce glass jar. All the design flows with the theme and also, the product itself literally follows along.


I get a strong hit of rosemary with what I perceive to be black pepper, and of course, in comparison to the actual scent as described by Flagship...I'm wrong. Nevertheless, that's what it smells like to me.


You'll be surprised. It is a nice and smooth paste. Unlike almost all other clay pomades on the market, Dead Seas Clay isn't all hard or tough. Wade did an amazing job to refine this pomade and far beyond even what any cosmetic lab has done.


You'll begin to feel a slight sensation of grip when you start to apply it, but it's still far easier than most of the other clay pomades we've used. In order to get some semblance of hold and ability to work immediately, we usually expect to feel a bit of grip.


A notch below neutral towards matte.


They texture is much less than Prelude (that being extremely textured) and most comparable to Baxter of California Clay Pomade. Of course, that one is way overpriced, so Dead Seas Clay is a good deal in that regard. The texture, though less, work at the desired level to provide very aesthetic looseness.


I would definitely describe this hold as a firm -- in the morning, at least. It's also surprising soft which makes texturizing a pleasure while still being able to style a formidable pomp.


Dead Seas Clay might not get you a texturizing, super-tall pomp like Prelude, but it is a lot more intuitive to use. That's why I like to describe this one as a daily driver where you aren't challenged on the daily to work with it. It's easy to use -- even if you've never used a clay pomade before.


Like all the other Flagship pomades, the Dead Seas Clay is no different in its ability to persist in you hair. When you try to restyle your hair, you'll notice that there's still product in your hair -- it didn't evaporate and wasn't absorbed into anything. If you've tried Black Ship, then you'll know what I mean. 


There are two things that degrade throughout the day and those are volume and texture. You can restyle it because it stays soft, but the hold can't provide the same volume during the day that it did in the morning. Also, the texture -- the product begins to feel less dry and so, loses a slight ability to give texture.


You need shampoo, but scrub it good and it'll come out in one shower.


Flagship Dead Seas Clay easily receives my seal of approval. In fact, it's one of very few pomades that I believe everyone must experience. Both because it may be a perfect fit for them, but also, it is a great experience to have and show one what is available. This clay, unlike other rough and harsh ones, is a daily driver -- intuitive enough to use everyday and soft on your hair.

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