Best Pomades of 2016

Best Pomades of 2016

Links are provided with each winner if you are interested in purchasing. All these products have been reviewed and available for read on this blog.

M O S T   I N N O V A T I V E   P O M A D E

In and of itself, Lockhart's Matte Clay isn't new or groundbreaking in any way. But its affect on the homebrewing market and the subsequent clay pomade releases that followed are what make it the most innovative pomade for me. Even though its cooked up in a cosmetic lab, it basically stated the homebrewers can also make clay pomade. It is because of this pomade (and a few other early adopters) that we now see a growing selection of kitchen-cooked clay pomades by homebrewers. This is why it's the most innovative pomade, and as a side note, a phenomenal clay pomade on its own.

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B E S T   C O L L A B O R A T I V E   P O M A D E

By best, I mean most challenging and most rewarding. I have never once taken on a project (within the pomade world) that was riddled with more obstacles than this one -- both within and beyond our control. Making a good pomade isn't necessarily easy, but it is within reason. Making a pomade that is good to me and to both the pomade and BluMaan communities is very difficult. Not only is it difficult but there's a reason why it's never been done before. Either way, we're now happy to say that we did it.

This pomade is different. It's a water-based pomade at its foundation but the little characteristics are completely unique. It needed to remind us of what a pomade is while still being light and clean for the everyday styling man. 

B E S T   W A T E R - B A S E D   P O M A D E

Even before the reformulation, Crystal Lake was an amazing piece of work. So after Zachary changed it up, it was unbelievable. All this hold and strength came out of nowhere while the slickness and smoothness remained. There is still no other water-based product that can so accurately resemble an oil-based pomade. Crystal Lake is a great way to enjoy all the advantages of an oil-based pomade without the oils and grease. 

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B E S T   O I L - B A S E D   P O M A D E

This year, Zachary decided to replace all the petrolatum in his oil-based pomades with hydrogenate castor oil. Most of us wouldn't think that this small reformulation would change much but damn -- it really did. Music Or Misery, due to its high wax content, became unusually dry yet smooth. Just as how Crystal Lake reminds us of an oil-based pomade, Music Or Misery reminds me of the cleanliness of an water-based pomade. You'll find this pomade to be a very strong and resilient pomade but without a greasy heaviness.

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B E S T   C L A Y    P O M A D E

Flagship has the strongest and most resilient water-based pomades. This only naturally lends as a great starting point from which to create awesome water-based clay pomades. Now, the other challenge to overcome is that many homebrewed clay pomade ends up with too little texture. Wade and I overcame this with Prelude and so, with this valuable knowledge, Dead Seas Clay was born. A balance of hold, texture, and familiarity is what makes this the best clay pomade.

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B E S T   C R E A M   P O M A D E

Most cream pomades do not work for me. They often are too light and dry far too quickly to even begin styling with. Layrite Natural Matte Cream is currently the only one that I would work with, and in truth, it's not half bad. In combination with their Layrite Grooming Spray, this become a pretty awesome styling combo that is light, strong, and very textured.

B E S T   S M E L L I N G   P O M A D E

I obviously wouldn't want a cologne to smell like this, but this is by far the coolest pomade aroma I have ever experienced. Nostalgic Handmade Water Based has a scent call Fruit Scoops that is literally just like the smell of Fruit Loops when you first open the bag. It's crazy. You have to try it for yourself -- plus, it's a high performing pomade.

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M O S T   W E L C O M E D   B R E W E R

When Dave Leslie introduced Nostalgic Handmade, I've never seen such a warm welcome followed by a line of amazing pomades. The pomades he offers are not beyond what we have already seen on the market -- or at least, so we thought. All of his pomade, especially the water based formula, ended up phenomenal and with scents that were beyond all our expectations.

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M O S T   A M B I T I O U S   B R E W E R

There is no other brewer that offers such an extensive line of products while still constantly expanding and seeking to collaborate with others in our community. That is simply why I believe Wade of Flagship is the most ambitious brewer out right now. Plus, I've worked with him when we collaborated on Prelude. No other brewers has been as proactive and capable to parallel development.

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M O S T   V E R S A T I L E   B R E W E R

Clayton of O'Douds Apothecary is the most versatile brewer because he cooks beyond just pomades. He has shampoo, conditioner, cologne, soap bars, and I'm sure there is still much more in development. Do note -- this isn't just side junk. They are all excellent products. 

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P E O P L E ' S   B E S T   P O M A D E

Simply put, I agree with you guys. Flagship Black Ship was the most voted for pomade when I opened up the polls to you all. No other water-based pomade is as strong and resilient as this one. This makes it an everyday pomade -- regardless of the weather.

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