Big Slick | Water Based

Today, we'll be looking at Big Slick Water Based Hair Pomade. In a way, it's a rare one because there are few and far between times when homebrewers feel the need to commission out a product to a cosmetic lab. For example, Lockhart's is not shy about it -- their entire Professional line is cooked up by a lab. There are just some things that can't be done or made in your kitchen, and it seems a gel-pomade is one of those things.


They stayed consistent with the Big Slick look that we are all familiar with by this point. It's a brushed aluminum tin with labels on the top and bottom sides. The aluminum seems to be coated in a water-resistant layer, which is necessary with water-based products. Total product weight is 4.3 ounces.


As described by Big Slick, it's a clean and classic scent. The weird part is that I'm having a hard time doing a better job describing it. It's a shampoo-esque and cologne-esque kind of smell. It carries the surface level hints of your standard cologne or body spray, but it also has this fresh and floralness of a shampoo. In short, it's nice.


It feels more like a jam than a jelly. This is how I usually compare the different consistencies of gel-pomade, which typically only range between a Jell-O like feel versus a strawberry jam. 


It's very easy to work through the hair. Not grippy at all -- in any way whatsoever.


It begins with a tad of shine, but that goes away during the day. At first, the shine surprised me because it wasn't expected; however, it quickly falls back under expectations of a gel-pomade.


We should make it clear that the characteristics of the pomade right out of the jar are distinctively different from that of the product during the day. It feels relatively slick when initially styling -- it'll capture all your hairs and you'll be styling a clean pomp. As the product dries throughout the day, the slickness will disappear.


It is a medium hold pomade with very light weight. This gives it a pleasing feel while allowing you to style a very natural and beautiful pomp -- this is double-edged. It makes the use of this pomade less intuitive but more rewarding.


The pomade has a bounce, which is challenging to control. However, if you're experienced, then you can tame it magnificently. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.


If you're only expecting to sit around all day in the office or only be walking to and from class, then Big Slick Water Based will be more than sufficient to style your hair that day. Plus, it's a very clean product, so you'll be grateful. However, if you expect any physical activity at all, then this pomade will do its best, but its best may not be enough to keep your pomp up.


Honestly, it didn't perform as well as I expected in this category. While styling in the morning, it reminded me a lot of Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade, which is a highly refined gel-pomade but absurdly priced. I was hoping it would have similar characteristics during the day, but it didn't. Once it hardened, any sort of agitation would cause the product to break, and water was needed to reactivate. You cannot restyle this product without water.


Not crunchy but unquestionably hardened.


Washes out with just water.


As with any pomade, its fit to you is based on your daily schedule and tendencies. The nice thing about this product is that it has a super light weight and feels super clean -- like you have nothing in your hair. This all comes with a balanced hold. The downsides are that its sensitive to the environment and restyling requires water. There are a myriad of gel-pomades for you guys to choose from -- each with very minor differences from one another. I would say this one best fits someone who is looking for a light and clean solution to a moderately demanding day.

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