The Mail Room Barber | XX

Today, we'll be finishing off the latest additions to The Mail Room Barber line of hair products with Natural Pomade XX Medium Hold. 


It's the same as the other jars in the set. The brewer behind The Mail Room Barber is also a graphic designer, and it really shows in the visual experience of his work.


Very similar to the Classic Pomade except better. But as Tinsley would describe it, this smells like an old person's home. 


It's tougher to get out of the jar than I expected from a medium hold but not a big deal.


Applies very easily though.


The shine is a solid notch above neutral. This set of products from The Mail Room Barber was the first time I've used products with shine in quite a while.


Pretty slick. I was honestly hoping for more of a waxy pomade though. The dryness of a pomade can be achieved independently of its slickness and lends to a much cleaner product. This one is still on the clean side relative to the rest of the market, but still, there's much space to continue.


A good amount less than I expected. 


Control can be a bit frustrated with this pomade, and this is coming from someone with hair such as mine. 


Fell apart within the first few hours, but....


...even after 12 hours, the product was easy to restyle. This is definitely something I can't say about most other hair pomades. I was still able to get some good volume from the pomade and honestly, that's quite remarkable.


Not too bad but can still be better. As in, less greasy.


One if you go straight-up HAM with the shampoo. It takes me two.

Build-Up Quality

Waxy. A little pasty. But overall, not bothersome.


Now that I've tried all the new products from the Natural Pomade line by The Mail Room Barber, I got to say I like the Light Hold best. This one, though usable, is simply unremarkable. Most oil-based pomades today are unremarkable. With the exception of a handful, each once can be easily replaced by another almost identical pomade. Nevertheless, the light hold is a little special. I would choose that one over this or the heavy.

If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP to save some money. I mean, we got it for you to use. Use it.