The Mail Room Barber | X

You'll rarely ever find me using oil-based pomades anymore. But, every once in a while, I'll find one that doesn't feel all greasy and ends up styling beautifully. This is one of those cases. The pomade we'll be looking at today is Natural Pomade X (Light Hold) by The Mail Room Barber. 


The design work we see from The Mail Room Barber is minimal and consistent. You wouldn't remember it if any one asked which jars you like the most. It's just too simple to garner a corner in your memory. But nevertheless, it's clean and I like it.


The scent is also more pleasing than the Classic Pomade by The Mail Room Barber. There is a consistent forest themed scent. Officially, it is cypress and oak moss. 


There is a very light initial stiffness to the pomade that you'll push through with almost no effort. Once through, it's just like any other light pomade.


Very easy.


This is the most shine we've seen  in a while, but that's not saying it's overly shiny to any extent. As you can see in the pictures, it is a moderated shine.


Good slickness without greasiness. This keeps it all together without making it into a oily mess or a stiff helmet.


This is a light hold pomade.


Tie it all together with a very light weight and what we can is a pretty exceptional pomade. Something that could and would only allow you to style a beautifully shaped pomp. No head wedge can be formed with this pomade. All the while, it remains light and unobtrusive in your hair.


No matter how balanced a pomade's strength is in comparison to its weight. A light hold pomade will always have poor endurance. It's like expecting a hypothetical fully tuned turbocharged V4 to outclass a supercharged hemi V8 in motor torque. There's simply not replacement for displacement in regards to some characteristics.


Easy. The product's oils also dry up a bit and make it a little drier. This makes it slightly easier to style or at least, a different experience.


Not much at all surprisingly.


With some rigorous shampoo work, you can wash it all out in one shower.


All in all, it's a remarkable pomade. I haven't used a light hold pomade and gotten a pomp like this since I used Grandad's Lightweight -- the original formula and not the new one. This pomade is one of the few ones that can offer light hold, very little weight, and all without greasiness.

If you're interested in checking it out, feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP to save money when you purchase directly from The Mail Room Barber.