Prelude | Statement of Purpose

T H E     P R E L U D E

Flagship Pomade Company has always created products that revolved around historic landmark inventions or icons that allowed humanity to move. Ships (i.e. The Insubmersible) that allowed us to traverse oceans and trains (i.e. The Steelhorse) that moved us across continents. In my collaboration with Wade of Flagship Pomade Co., I wanted to refer to something I felt would be more relatable. Any of you ever sail in a wooden ship? No? And when was the last time you rode in a steam train? Though landmark moments in history, the asphalt is our ocean and our railway that leads into the horizon.

"Way up north, packed in Honda cars, They 'ont know who we are."

-- Legend by Drake

This collaboration is a tribute to those you spent their youth straight rolling in a Honda. Primarily, I've chosen the Prelude to be a special symbol -- both in reference to the model and the actual definition of the word. There is a beauty to Honda models from the 90s. Slim and elongated fronts. Simple lines. Even simpler mechanics. High availability of aftermarket mods. Inspiration from Initial D. And above all else, unmatched affordability.

But, the beauty lies beyond all this. And its the beauty of new money. The aesthetic of conscience ignorance and haphazardness. The pointlessness of rollin' fo' deep to get some shitty boba from Quickly's and standing outside pretending we're at a car show. If you don't get it now, then it's already too late. Our Honda may never break 200HP and they likely sure as hell will never exceed 300HP. But my fart can growls like a mutha' fuckin' Lambo. 

I would never trade those nights away. Late nights staying out past midnight. Sodium-vapor lights rushing by overheard. Bass shaking the loose screws and the whine of the turbo ringing in the back of the noise. Homie at the wheel and two more in the back. We're all going nowhere and the plan is to get nowhere. Tha California lyfe.


What we created is a water-based clay pomade. One that embodies grittiness of growing up in the backwaters of Southern California, but carries the aesthetic that anyone born in California has. The idea is to make a pomade that forces the user to appreciate the beauty of texture while remaining recognizable to the average pomade user. Like a Honda, the goal was to make it accessible to everyone -- simple to use. Along those lines, it make meant engineering the pomade to have a very strong hold. This is the first pomade collaboration we'll release to have a strong hold. This in combination with a light weight and dry texture gives it quite a punch. It's like we stripped out the interior of a Civic and put in a roll cage. I didn't think it was possible, but when testing it out, this shit worked for Harrison. I have never seen anything work for his shitty hair -- let alone still look good at the end of the day.

R E L E A S E     D A T E     A N D   L O G I S T I C S

You can expect our collaboration to be released either late February to early March. We'll keep you all posted as always via our various social media outlets. Wade and I are very proud of what we made, and we look forward to sharing it with you all. 

Also, this pomade will be limited quantity and not offered as a permanent selection on The Approved List. Collaborations are not added to our store as a permanent product until they've proven themselves in the marketplace and of course, if the brewers deem it possible to continue. We will offer international shipping, but please do not expect it to be cheap. Small businesses such as Flagship Pomade Co. do not have the presence and power of larger companies to obtain low international shipping prices. Wholesale is not offered to retailers located in the US and any unusually large orders made to shipping address within the US will be canceled without notice. However, wholesale to international retailers is available and at the standard cost of the product. We can help to organize a optimized shipping cost, but we do not offered discounted products -- no exceptions.