Prelude | Explanation

O U R   G O A L S

Wade and I wanted to make something special here. Something that would show the community that those labs aren't the only ones who can cook up a mean clay pomade. The goal was to create a product that exudes high hold in combination with a feather-like weight and offers beautiful texture to top it all off.

C U R R E N T   M A R K E T

Most of the clay product we see today are either wax or oil-based -- and it's for a good reason. An oil-based pomade already provides many of the ideal characteristics on a clay pomade. It never dries or hardens. It has a pasty consistency and styles predictably. This helps to balance out the separation and texture that the clay creates -- a harmony of chaos and order.

However, our goal was to create a water-based pomade. We didn't believe that only oil-based products can be made into a great clay pomade. And thankfully, Flagship Pomade Company has one of the best water-based pomades on the market. Not only that, they also have the one water-based pomade that most similarly replicates an oil-based pomade. This made Black Ship Pomade an ideal foundation to work from and build what we now call, Prelude.

F O R M U L A   +   P E R F O R M A N C E

It was halfway through the formulation process that we had a breakthrough. We were only using a coarse grain version of bentonite clay. It provided great separation at the high level. Large clumps of hair would separate from one another naturally and beautifully. However, I also wanted just a little bit more separation on a low level -- at the level of individual hair follicles.  That's when we decided to add a very fine version of kaolin clay. Two different types clay and in two different levels of granularity. 

The extreme hold and light weight was already easily achievable by Wade. He doesn't hold back when you ask for strong hold. Adding in the two types of clay made it what we were dreaming of. Honestly, this was my first time working with clay pomades and so, I wasn't sure what we would end up with. I can't believe we were able to hit all of our goals. 

R E L E A S E   D E T A I L S

So, to you as the user, here is a homebrewed clay pomade that will beat out any lab-cooked clay product currently on the market. And to the homebrewers, here is what we found out and what we created. I hope it helps you develop your own clay pomades in the future and show the market that anything they make, we can make better.

O N L I N E   R E L E A S E
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B R I C K   +   M O R T A R   R E L E A S E
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