Red House | Water Based Pomade

There was no way around it. Red House Water Based Pomade has been discussed so much and extensively praised within the community. Now that I wrapped up everything for Winter Quarter, I have some time again, and I'd like to finally review this pomade. What better way to get back into the game than with a pomade that has been approved by the community.


It's good and clean. Usually, most labels start off pretty bad and refine over time as the company/brewer matures. However, Red House is among the few that start off pretty good. They also chose to use a 4 oz. amber glass jar, which is always a very nice touch.


The smell is officially a vanilla tobacco. To me, I definitely pick up a sweet vanilla base with cinnamon on top and notes of smoothness that remind me of other tobacco-scented pomades. I actually really like it, and for those of you who like the sweet smell but no fruity ones, this would be the choice.


By the look of it, I initially thought this product would turn out like one of the Anchors water-based pomades, but the consistency is completely different. It reminds me a bit of the Suavecito Premium, or rather, what it should have been like. It sheds out in layers, yet it is still creamy in a way.


When you start agitating it in your hands, you'll realize that it breaks down into a smooth cream like Teddy Boy Original. This makes it very easy to apply to your hair and get it where you need it to go.


The shine is a notch or two above neutral. 


It's actually been a while since I've used a slick pomade. I find myself using clay pomades all the time. This one does a hell of a job capturing all the hairs and not leaving one out at all -- this is entirely while refraining from getting super greasy. I like it.


It's a solid medium. 


The beauty of a medium pomade is the balance between its weight and hold. The brewer must refrain from providing too much hold in the pomade and add not too much weight. This creates a balancing act with the pomade that allows the user to style a very beautifully shaped pompadour. The hold gives you just enough to style, and the weight forces it to round the pomp. Red House Water Based Pomade is a damn good example of this.


It'll last up to 4 hours max. This isn't a heavyweight or super strong pomade by any means. Typically, a pomade that allows for a natural pomp is one that will also not be overly strong. This is an advantage that is typically at the sacrifice of some resilience.


Very easy. You'll lose hold and volume during the day, but the beauty of this pomade is that it is versatile. You can restyle into a lower slick pomp, or finger-comb it all into a textured look.


Never hardens.


Relatively clean and especially for the shine and slickness it provides.


Can be washed out in one go with just water.


Red House Water Based Pomade receives my seal of approval. There is a good reason why this pomade has received so much praise from the community. My favorite aspect is its versatility. This is a strong quality among some of the new water-based pomades on our market and embodied in this pomade. It has a pseudo-dry enough feel to be styled in a textured way, yet it is also slick enough to be combed into a slick pomp. In short, it is one among of refined water-based pomades that should be part of your arsenal.

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