Meeting Blumaan

Yesterday, over some last minute Facebook messages, Joe (better known as BluMaan) and Ben invited me to meet up in San Francisco. Given our overlapping interests and communities, we've all spoken extensively over the interwebz. So, we weren't going to pass up an opportunity to meet up in person and just shoot the shit. 

I don't know why everyone's guessing at it because we've already mentioned months ago that a collaboration is in the works. BluMaan wants to put out a pomade, and to do this, they've undoubtedly assembled one of the most impressive teams the internet has ever seen. He and Ben will be working with myself, Clayton of O'Douds, and Steve of Lockhart's to develop a one-of-a-kind pomade. 

There's no hiding it. We here at The Pomp have a very different perspective than those over in the BluMaan community. But, unless you're Donald Trump, differences of opinions can lead to very successful outcomes -- far more interesting than a group with one singular vision. The idea is to gather all of our knowledge together and do something fucking crazy.

T R Λ P   L Y F E