Lockhart's | Matte Clay

Lockhart's | Matte Clay

I've been particularly interested in Lockhart's Matte Clay since its initial release about a year ago. Though it's actually lab-cooked, it was the first clay to be released by a label from the homebrewing community. It was a welcomed addition because of its affordability and comparable in performance to more expensive products like Baxter Clay. This is the primary accolades on which it rode to win Best Clay of 2015 from us here at The Pomp.

Now, the product has been reformulated. Like any other homebrewed product in their line, Steve and Nichole are always looking out for new ways to improve their already solid selection. So, as you could guess, I was very excited to try out their new formula.


Nothing changed from the original.


Also, the same. (And thank you sweet Baby Jesus for it. I really like the cologne scent.)


Distinctively different from the original. This time around, the consistency is a whole lot smoother and the clay content seems to have been increased significantly. The granularity of the kaolin clay used appears to be very fine, which gives it a smooth paste kind of feel rather than a gritty sand. It also doesn't peel away like a glue. This was the case with the original and with many other clays on the market.


Dude. This new formula is SO MUCH EASIER to apply than the original one. The original was strong as fuck but also, brutal as hell. This one is well refined. Smooth and effective.


A touch more matte than the original formula. I would definitely say it's matte -- not neutral.


It isn't texture overload like Prelude is, but it does provide more than Baxter Clay or 19Fifties Union Matte Clay will. Lockhart's Matte Clay is drier overall but not in a way that damages your hair. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then just trust me -- you'll want to avoid using a clay that excessively dries out your hair. It sucks.

Lockhart's Matte clay does a great job providing texture at the high level. As in, it separates groups of hair extremely well and all without sacrificing much hold.


I would definitely say the decrease in stick and grip makes this clay pomade slightly weaker than the original formula. Nevertheless, don't misinterpret what I said to say that this pomade is weak. My hair is long as fuck and it's still able to help me get this volume. That is very impressive.


UNBELIEVABLY HUGE IMPROVEMENT. You might be sacrificing a little bit of hold with this new formula, but the way this one feels like so...intuitive. I know there are still some users here who have yet to use a clay pomade. And Lockhart's Matte Clay will serve as the perfect gateway into clay pomades. You can style your pomp in the way you normally would with any other pomade, but then, you can come in with your fingers to give it a little texture.


It does a good job lasting throughout the day -- especially considering its ability to be a true clay pomade. The reason why I say this because the original formula would harden like a gel pomade in some environments. It was dependent on how much product you used and also, whether you were in a hot & humid place or cold & dry.

This one stays malleable throughout the day, which makes it relatively more susceptible to falling apart. But at the same time...


The fact that this pomade remains soft makes it easy to restyle. Not only that but it keeps a dry and paste-like texture that help maintain a lot of the characteristics from the morning until the end of the day. It's actually pretty impressive. 


Not at all.


Washes out in one go. I never had much of a problem with the original.


The original formula of Lockhart's Matte Clay was already impressive. This new one is remarkable. At this point, I would literally consider excessively expensive clays like Baxter and The Bearded Bastard, though very good products, pretty much irrelevant. There are simply clays that can match or exceed their performance at a much better price. Lockhart's Matte Clay is smooth, strong, and intuitive to use. This is a powerful combination for any kind of pomade. It only makes it even better that we've found it in a clay.